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  • Sullivan, Edward J. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2015-02-17)
    Oregon’s urban growth management experience sets it apart from other land use planning and regulatory programs in the United States. The Oregon land use program has endured for more than forty years, suffering the vicissitudes ...
  • Mintz, David R. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2015-02-17)
    This Comment explores the extent to which federal hate crime legislation such as the Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA) protects people from bias-motivated violence on account of their religion. In doing so, it examines ...
  • Ford, Beth (University of Oregon School of Law, 2015-02-17)
    This Comment will explore the problem of copyrighting various aspects of state statutes, explain the precedent of this copyrighting conundrum, and analyze its detrimental effects. Part I summarizes relevant case law and ...
  • Lee, Stacey B. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2015-02-17)
    Part I of this Article provides an overview of current drug shortages and their impact on patient care and healthcare providers. Part II offers an economic analysis of the root causes of the drug shortages.
  • Ciocchetti, Corey A. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2015-02-17)
    Hobby Lobby and its quest for religious freedom captured the attention of a nation for a few moments in late June 2014. The country honed in on the Supreme Court as the Justices weighed the rights of an incorporated, ...
  • Duncan, Erin K. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2015-02-17)
    In the United States, unnecessarily high rates of cesarean sections, artificial labor inductions performed without medical indication, and other medical interventions that can cause preventable injury during childbirth are ...

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