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    • Rails-to-Green rails: Green space is the future for rail stations and rail corridors 

      KiHyun, Kim (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2005-12)
      Green space is an alternative for rails.

      Bailey, Rachel; Johnson, Brianne (2010)
      Farmworker Housing: Theory and design of housing for migrant farm workers in rural Oregon. For this project, we addressed three aspects of the farmworker community, identity, community, and affordability. Focusing on ...

      Prassas, Alina (University of Oregon, 2014)
      Youth unemployment in Greece is devastating an entire generation and dramatically altering life. The catastrophic failure of global economics has led to more and more consumption, but without the demand needed to sustain ...
    • Re-Connecting 

      Hexberg, Kendra (University of Oregon, 2014)
      There are no lifestyle adjustment services or military deprogramming seminars; discharged servicemen are left to find their own way. At Veterans Enclave discharged servicemen and women, regardless of their standing, ...
    • [Re]cycle Dharavi 

      Banjeri, Avik (University of Oregon, 2013)
      In India's financial capital, Mumbai, the informal settlement known as Dharavi is home to nearly 2 million people who are packed into small and crowded living settlements. Dharavi's people both live and work within the ...
    • [Re]generative Design for the Los Angeles River 

      Swanson, Amber (University of Oregon, 2013)
      My proposal for this thesis studio will focus on a section of the Los Angeles River in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The architectural intervention will be sited on a vacant parcel of land near Union Station, on the ...
    • Rebirth: Regenerating Cairo's Manuscript Institute and Enhancing a Cultural District 

      Atallah, Alexander (University of Oregon, 2013)
      This project represents an architectural intervention to restore the Institut d'Egypte and related buildings and resources.
    • Recycled Building Material Palette 

      McLaughlin, David (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2006-12)
      Buildings consume enormous quantities of the Earth’s resources in their construction and operation, thus it is imperative that building materials are chosen which decrease the environmental burden as much as possible. ...
    • Regenerative Space: A Design for the Future: Tohoku Spaceport 

      Postma, Boyce (University of Oregon, 2013)
      The final human catastrophic disaster is the failure of earth’s ability to support life. Due to ill-conceived human industry, natural planetary processes, or some extra-planetary intervention, this planet will not last ...
    • Repairing Superfund Sites: Remedial Action and Reuse Assessment at McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Company 

      Hill, Sienna G. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2006-12)
      An investigation into the processes and time spans required to convert the industrially contaminated McCormick & Baxter site in Portland into a viable site for a public building. The cleanup, sponsored by the EPA's Superfund ...
    • Robert H. Smith Visitor Education Center, Lincoln's Cottage 

      Seminario, Andres (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2009)
    • The Role of Retail Markets in Impoverished Neighborhoods 

      Barrett, Justin (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2005-12)
      By assessing the lifestyles and correlated purchasing habits of the poor, hopeful retail strategies emerge that explore how the insertion of new services into underprivileged areas can support the low-income minority groups ...
    • Sears Mixed-Use Multi-Family Courtyard Housing 

      Vann, Jon (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2007-12-04)
      The project is a mixed-use, multifamily courtyard housing development in SW Portland. Using rationalist principles, a general program was developed. From this, an energy program analysis of one representative housing/commercial ...
    • "A Setting in Search of a City": A Research Project 

      Shanks, Nicholas (University of Oregon, 2013)
      Modern day Vancouver is perhaps one of the finest cities of today not only for its beautiful natural setting but because of its progressive planning efforts that have taken place over the past 50 years. The following ...
    • Shelter and the Homeless 

      Wasmer, Brienne (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2005-12)
      Architects have to ability to generate a new identity for the homeless because they can design a variety of shelters that promote and project individuality, self-sufficiency and dignity.
    • SITE ANALYSIS for The Democratized Archive. 

      Meyers, Daniel S. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2006-12)
      This paper surveys the suitability of the site at 1720 SW Naito Parkway for the location of a new regional center for the humanities, including a rare books library. Important issues with regard to suitability include ...
    • Site Analysis-1933 W Burnside, Portland, Oregon 

      Miller, Steven M. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2006-12)
      An analysis of the site at 1933 West Burnside Street, Portland, Oregon and its feasibility as the location of a new public Mediatheque. The paper looks at the history, connection to transit, nearby neighborhoods, local ...
    • Sixth Church of Christ Scientist 

      Johnson, Bethany N., 1983-; Seminario, Andres (University of Oregon, Dept. of Architecture, Portland Program, 2009)
    • Stryiskyi Park Campus & Khutorivka Master Site Planning Strategies 

      Wilson, Richard H. (University of Oregon, 2014-11-25)
      The Stryiskyi Park Campus is on its way to development. This drawing is illustrates the current and future potential of the east end of the campus. As the Church finishes construction and the library begins construction ...