Planning for Natural Hazards: Oregon Technical Resource Guide

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Title: Planning for Natural Hazards: Oregon Technical Resource Guide
Author: LeDuc, Andre; Parker, Robert; Hanschka, Steve; Jones, Heather; Koch, Dave; Lynn, Kathy; Moore, Ryland; Olson, Lori; Shillinglaw, Craig; Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development
Abstract: The purpose of this project was to develop, with the assistance of the Department of Land Conservation and Development and other Oregon state agencies, technical resource guides (TRGs) for Oregon cities and counties to plan for, and limit the effects of, threats posed by natural hazards. The project intended to provide resource guides and plan evaluation tools, written for local staff and officials to assist jurisdictions across the state in developing policies, plans, and non-regulatory mitigation strategies to prevent high-risk development and to understand the legal ramifications of regulating development in potential hazard areas.
Description: Table of Contents: -Letter from the Director -Acknowledgements -Introduction -Comprehensive Plan Review -Key Elements to a Comprehensive Plan -Planning for Natural Hazards Legal Issues Guide -Flood TRG -Landslide TRG -Coastal TRG -Wildfire TRG -Seismic TRG -Appendix A: Goal 2, Goal 7, Goal 17, and Goal 18 -Appendix B: Contacts -Appendix C: Tools
Date: 2001-06-01

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