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    • Salem : Year 2000 area-wide transportation plan for the Salem-Keizer urban area : Summary and identification of projects 

      Salem (Or.) (City of Salem (Or.), 1984-12-19)
      There are two primary reasons for the preparation and adoption of a Transportation Plan for the Salem-Keizer Urban Area: 1. The federal government requires (23 CFR Part 450) that an urban area prepare a transportation ...
    • Keizer : McNary activity center plan 

      Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 1991-12)
      The purpose of this McNary Activity Center Plan, and the process of its development, is three fold, as outlined below implement the Comprehensive Plan; define the Community's vision of what the McNary Activity Center ...
    • Keizer : Comprehensive plan 

      Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 2003-02-03)
      The Keizer Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan for guiding conservation and development in the City of Keizer to the year 2005. The goal of the plan is to accommodate the conservation and development of Keizer’s ...
    • Keizer : Development code 

      Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 2003-12)
      Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
    • Keizer : River Road Renaissance implementation report 

      Keizer (Or.); Spencer & Kupper; RBF Consulting. Urban Design Studio; Oregon Downtown Development Association (City of Keizer (Or.), 2004-01-28)
      The consulting team’s assignment was to create design vision for the River Road corridor; a marketing and branding strategy and theme; [and] a comprehensive implementation strategy for carrying out the River Road ...
    • Keizer : Transportation plan 

      Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 2004-05)
      The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a long-range (20-year) plan that provides the city with the goals and policies to guide development of all its transportation modes (pedestrian, bicycle, motor vehicles, public ...
    • Salem-Keizer-Turner area 2030 regional transportation systems plan 

      Keizer (Or.); Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments; Salem (Or.) (Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments, 2005-06)
      The RTSP is based on 20-year projections of population, employment, and land use in the Salem-Keizer area. It provides a comprehensive, long-range plan for meeting our transportation needs over the next 20 years. The ...
    • Salem : 2006/2007 one-year action plan (2006) 

      Salem (Or.); Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 2006-03-25)
      The City of Salem’s 2005-2009 [Consolidated] Plan identified the priority needs of the Salem and Keizer communities as homelessness, affordable housing, access and barrier removal and community development. Each of these ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-04-13) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2006-04-13)
      Zone ChangefromCO (Commercial Office) to CM (Commercial Mixed Use)
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-07-17) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2006-07-17)
      1. Section 2,303 (Off-Street Parking and Loading) includes number of textual changes, clarifications, and revisions to parking space requirement matrix. 2. Section 2.309 (Site and Landscaping Design) includes grammatical ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-07-24) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2006-07-24)
      1. Section 2.113 (Industrial Business Park) revision to allow movie theaters under category of amusement and recreation. 2. Section 2.119 (General Employment) changes to amend dimensional standards to include provision for ...
    • Keizer : Keizer Rapids Park master plan 

      Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 2006-10-02)
      [The goal of the Plan is] to develop a long range Master Plan that will be used to guide the development of the Keizer Rapids Park in the coming years into a community park and regional facility of statewide significance. ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-01-29) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2007-01-29)
      1.Section 2.113 (Industrial Business Park) - Includes development standards for Flexible Space uses on IBP designated located outside of the Keizer Station. 2. Section 3.204 (Public Notice Requirements) - Amends code to ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-06-08) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2007-06-08)
      1.a) Clarifies side and rear yard setbacks in Section 2.103 (RL); b) 2.104 (RM); c) 2.105 (RH); d) 2.106 (RC); e) 2.107 (Mixed Use); f) definition change in Sec. 1.200. 2. Specifies a "through lot" is not created by a ...
    • Keizer : Keizer Station plan 

      Northwest National, LLC; Benner Stange Associates; RPS Development; Keizer (Or.); Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects (City of Keizer (Or.), 2007-07)
      The Keizer Station Plan is intended to build on the objectives that were previously used to guide the preparation of the Chemawa Activity Center Plan: establish a northern gateway into the Keizer area; provide an ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-07-06) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2007-07-06)
      1.Section 2.309 allow off-site tree mitigation in tree replacement plans. 2.Section 3.107 includes citation of relevant development requirements such as tree removal and replacement plan, and infill standards. 3.Section ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-01-30) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2008-01-30)
      Change the land use designation on two parcels from Residential Single Family to Public to allow the development of the new city hall complex.
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-04-24) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2008-04-24)
      Amends Section 2.107 (Mixed Use) zone to increase commercial square foot limit from 10,000 to 120,000 square feet in MU designated lands subject to meeting certain development criteria and incentive for mixed use type of ...
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-06-25) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2008-06-25)
      Change the land use designation on a parcel within the city limits from EFU to Residential Single Family to allow development of a single family subdivision.
    • Keizer Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-10-15) 

      Keizer (Keizer, 2008-10-15)
      Text amendment to Section 2.308 (Signs) of the Keizer Development Code to include new provisions relating to electronic signs.