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  • Myrtle Creek (Or.); Douglas County (Or.) (City of Myrtle Creek (Or.), 1991-09-17)
    The Myrtle Creek Comprehensive Plan is a long-range general policy guide in which the City of Myrtle Creek and Douglas County jointly set forth major policies concerning desirable future growth within the Myrtle Creek\Tri ...
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.); Umpqua Regional Council of Governments (City of Myrtle Creek (Or.), 1998-12-15)
    The purpose of this plan is to provide hazard mitigation recommendations in light of the recent disaster events in Myrtle Creek and the State of Oregon (DR-1149 and DR-1160). For the purposes of this plan, the definition ...
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (City of Myrtle Creek (Or.), 2003-05-15)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (City of Myrtle Creek (Or.), 2006-06-20)
    The integration of transportation systems and land use in planning for Myrtle Creek's anticipated growth can benefit many aspects of life in the Myrtle Creek area. Transportation systems are both a product of and a ...
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2006-06-27)
    Adoption of the City of Myrtle Creek Transportation System Plan
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2006-07-25)
    Legislative amendments to the City of Myrtle Creek Zoning Ordinance and City of Myrtle Creek Subdivision Ordinance to implement miscellaneous reorganization and minor text clarifications to improve the Ordinances
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2006-12-08)
    Applicant (School District No. 19) proposed to convert vacant 9.87 acre school property from public/semi-public to low density residential to allow for future division consistent with the surrounding low density residential area.
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2007-06-25)
    Applicant (Zwart) proposed to convert residentially developed lot from Commercial to High Density Residential to be consistent with the existing residential uses on the property and the surrounding residential uses in the ...
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2007-06-25)
    Applicants(Murray & Hoppe) proposed to convert two residentially developed lots from Commercial to High Density Residential to be consistent with the existing residential uses on the subject properties and the surrounding ...
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2007-06-25)
    Applicant (Hamilton) proposed to convert a primarily undeveloped 13.37 +/- acre parcel at the south end of the city limits from Industrial to Commercial, High Density Residential, and Steep Slopes Residential to be consistent ...
  • Myrtle Point (Or.) (Myrtle Point, 2007-07-19)
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2008-02-25)
    Proposed legislative amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan, and Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. Adopted amendments essentially the same as proposed in first draft mailed to DLCD on October 31, 2007, except for ...
  • Myrtle Point (Or.) (Myrtle Point, 2009-04-10)
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2009-04-24)
    Zoning Ordinance amendment to update City's standards for nonconforming uses, as listed in original Notice of Proposed Amendment
  • Myrtle Point (Or.) (Myrtle Point, 2009-08-21)
  • Myrtle Point (Or.) (Myrtle Point, 2009-11-04)
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2009-12-22)
    Amending Myrtle Creek Zoning Ordinance to update floodplain development standards based on recommended changes from DLCD and FEMA and amending the process for a Zoning map alteration.
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2011-03-02)
  • Myrtle Creek (Or.) (Myrtle Creek, 2011-07-22)
    Amendments to the Myrtle Creek Zoning Ordinance to correct scrivener's errors, conflicting or misleading text, to clarify definitions, to provide more clear and objective criteria for Conditional Use Permits, and to amend ...
  • Myrtle Point (Or.) (Myrtle Point, 2012-02-23)
    N e w Development Code

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