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    • Springfield : Downtown plan (charrette) 

      Springfield (Or.); AIA Southwestern Oregon (City of Springfield (Or.), 2006-04-08)
      Among the expected products from the charrette were short-term and long term recommendations for Downtown revitalization that reflected the realities of the economy and social fabric of Downtown Springfield. These ...
    • Springfield : Downtown refinement plan 

      Springfield (Or.); Springfield (Or.). Planning and Development Dept. (City of Springfield (Or.), 2005)
      The Springfield Downtown Refinement Plan has been developed to provide goals and policies through which Downtown Springfield may become a more vital and attractive place to shop, conduct business, and recreate. Although ...
    • Springfield : Downtown urban renewal plan 

      Springfield (Or.). Economic Development Agency; Springfield (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Springfield (Or.), 2007-09-15)
      The primary goal of this Downtown Urban Renewal Plan is to assist in the revitalization of business and elimination of blight in the downtown area. Urban renewal is ideal for the encouragement of the type of high quality, ...