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    • Eugene-Springfield : Consolidated plan 

      Eugene (Or.); Springfield (Or.); Lane County (Or.) (City of Eugene (Or.), 2005-07-01)
      The Consolidated Plan is an inter-jurisdictional effort to identify needs and formulate a five-year strategic plan with objectives and outcomes that address needs for housing, homeless, and community development. This ...
    • Springfield : Housing needs analysis 

      Springfield (Or.) (City of Springfield (Or.), 2008-02-28)
      Goals: share results of on-line questionnaire; discuss land use efficiency measures; form consensus for a recommendation to the PC; which measures to evaluate; specific issues identified with measures. [From the document]
    • Springfield : Land use efficiency measures : Springfield's residential lands study 

      Springfield (Or.) (City of Springfield (Or.), 2008-01)
      This memorandum presents a menu of land use efficiency measures that may allow Springfield to increase residential density within the city's existing Urban Growth Boundary. It also discusses of the importance of these ...
    • Springfield : Multi-unit design standards handbook 

      Springfield (Or.). Development Services Dept.; Springfield (Or.) (City of Springfield (Or.), 2000-07)
      The design standards project was initiated to respond to specific concerns raised by the City Council and other citizens about the quality and appearance of new, multiple family housing being developed in the community. ...