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    • Portland : Report of the Park Board : Portland, Oregon (1903) 

      Olmsted, John Charles, 1852-1920; Portland (Or.). Park Board; Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects; Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1870-1957 (City of Portland (Or.), 1903-12-31)
      We have the honor to submit our report upon existing parks and a proposed system of parks for the City of Portland. [From the document]
    • Springfield : Dorris Ranch land use plan 

      Hamm, Michael; Springfield (Or.); Willamalane Park and Recreation District; Lacoss, Robert; Sweet, Randy; Bernat, Bettman & Lawrence (City of Springfield (Or.), 1979-11)
      In May of 1979, consultants were retained by Willamalane Park and Recreation District to conduct this inventory, analysis and land use plan for Dorris Ranch. [From the Plan]
    • Springfield: Parks and recreation comprehensive plan (1980) 

      Springfield (Or.); Willamalane Park and Recreation District; Lacoss and Associates (Springfield (Or.), 1980)
      The objective of this plan is to provide an understanding of the District and the elements which affect its development. It will provide an objective base from which the citizens, District Board of Directors and Staff ...
    • Portland : Terwilliger Parkway inventory 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Munch, Ernest R; John Warner Associates; Fox, Nancy (City of Portland (Or.), 1982-06-30)
      The Terwilliger Boulevard Inventory is one of three reports prepared as part of the Terwilliger Parkway Corridor Study. It provides background information on characteristics and uses of the corridor and identifies key ...
    • Springfield : Park facility development programs (1983) 

      Springfield (Or.); Willamalane Park and Recreation District (City of Springfield (Or.), 1983-03-01)
      The Park Facility Programs described herein carry forward the facility standards and recreation needs identified in the District's 1980 Comprehensive Plan, and describe, in general, the recreation experience opportunities ...
    • Eugene : Parks and recreation master plan 

      Eugene (Or.); EDAW, Inc.; Bierly and Associates; Economic Research Associates (City of Eugene (Or.), 1983-05)
      The main purpose of the study is to develop guides and recommendations that the EPRD can use in providing parks and recreational services and facilities for the next 20 years. The Master Plan includes: I} an analysis ...
    • Springfield : Dorris Ranch facility development plan (1986) 

      Springfield (Or.); Willamalane Park and Recreation District (City of Springfield (Or.), 1986-09)
      The goal of the Dorris Ranch Facility Development Plan is to ensure that in coming years the Ranch continues to be a meaningful source of appreciation for this area's past and an inspiration for its future. [From the plan]
    • Springfield : Willamalane recovery action plan (1988) 

      Springfield (Or.); Willamalane Park and Recreation District; Cameron and Associates; Lutes/Sanetel/Architects (City of Springfield (Or.), 1988)
      This Willamalane Recovery Action Plan documents a ten-step planning process undertaken by the District over a period of approximately five years. The ten steps are divided into three phases: the framework defines which ...
    • Gresham : Master plan for the Gresham section of the Springwater trail corridor 

      Gresham (Or.) (City of Gresham (Or.), 1991-09)
      The Gresham section of the Springwater Trail Corridor being developed within the abandoned Portland Traction Company railroad right-of-way will form a significant segment of the 40 Mile Loop regional trail system, and is ...
    • Eugene : Urban forest management plan (1992) 

      Eugene (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept. (City of Eugene (Or.), 1992-12)
      This plan focuses on the tree component of an urban forest, including trees along streets, in parks, in yards, by rivers, creeks, streams, ponds, and on the hillsides. [From the Plan]
    • Portland : Columbia South Shore Slough Trail master plan 

      Portland (Or.); Portland Parks and Recreation; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland Development Commission (City of Portland (Or.), 1993-07-02)
      The Columbia South Shore Slough Trail Master Plan is a comprehensive plan for that part of Columbia Shough trail section that lies in the Columbia South Shore Plan District. The slough trail is part of the larger 40 Mile ...
    • Gresham : Parks, recreation and open space master plan 

      Gresham (Or.); MIG, Inc.; Gresham (Or.). Parks and Recreation Division; Gresham (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Services (City of Gresham (Or.), 1996-03)
      The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan identifies the personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits of parks and recreation that are most important to Gresham residents. The Master Plan describes how the ...
    • Eugene : East Alton Baker Park plan (1996) 

      Eugene (Or.); Willamalane Park and Recreation District (City of Eugene (Or.), 1996-03)
      The East Alton Baker Park Plan presents key concepts and ideas to shape the park that visitors will explore in the coming decades. The plan provides a way to evaluate decisions affecting the park and progress made to ...
    • Portland : River District recreation and open space needs assessment (1997) 

      Portland (Or.); Portland Parks and Recreation; MIG, Inc.; ECO Northwest, Ltd. (Portland (Or.), 1997-03)
      The findings presented in this document are based on results of the following research efforts: a demographic profile identified characteristics of current and future River District residents and visitors; an inventory ...
    • Lake Oswego : Master plan for Luscher Farm 

      Lake Oswego (Or.); Murase and Associates; KPFF Consulting Engineers; Pacific Rim Resources, Inc.; SERA Architects; Byrnes, Michael; SRI/Shapiro, Inc.; Kittelson & Associates (City of Lake Oswego (Or.), 1997-07-15)
      The recommendations of the Ad-Hoc Task Force is that Luscher Farm and adjoining properties be utilized as a multipurpose recreational/cultural historic complex; a substantial historic farm component; a substantial, ...
    • Gresham : Trails master plan 

      Gresham (Or.); David Evans and Associates; Sea Reach Ltd.; Studio Reedijk (City of Gresham (Or.), 1997-08)
      The 1995 City of Gresham Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan recommends the development of a Trails Master Plan to define "a comprehensive trail system which integrates with the City's pedestrian and bicycle plan ...
    • Veneta : Parks, recreation, and open space master plan 

      Veneta (Or.) (City of Veneta (Or.), 1998-07-13)
      The 1990 Veneta Comprehensive Plan included an element pertaining to parks and open space. This Parks Plan updates the existing comprehensive plan parks element by analyzing existing conditions; assessing current and ...
    • Salem : Comprehensive park system master plan 

      Salem (Or.); Salem (Or.). Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Dept.; MIG, Inc. (City of Salem (Or.), 1999-04)
      The 1999 Comprehensive Park System Master Plan incorporates the following current park system elements: neighborhood, community, and large urban parks; school/parks; historical properties currently owned and operated, ...
    • Portland : Tree preservation and planting 

      Portland (Or.). Bureau of Buildings; Portland Parks and Recreation. Urban Forestry Division; Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1999-07)
      The Planning Commission recommends that City Council adopt the following changes to the Zoning Code: Add a new tree requirement that can be met through preservation of existing trees, planting new trees, or by paying into ...
    • Gresham : Zimmerman Heritage Farm master plan 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Services; Gresham (Or.). Parks and Recreation Division; Fairview-Rockwood-Wilkes Historical Society; Friends of Zimmerman House (City of Gresham (Or.), 1999-12)
      Zimmerman Heritage Farm is a unique cultural education and recreational resource that is being created for the benefit of the public on a 5.98-acre historic site in Gresham, Oregon. The focal point is the historic ...