Plans in this category may include park and recreation master plans adopted as part of a community's comprehensive plan, under the provisions of OAR 660-034-0040. Other types of documents are management plans, facilities plans, inventories, studies, needs assessments, acquisition plans, and plan maps. Plans may treat entire park systems, individual sites, open spaces, greenways, urban forestry, or natural areas.

Recent Submissions

  • Marion County : Willamette River water trail implementation plan 

    United States. Bureau of Land Management; Marion County (Or.); Willamette Riverkeepers; Mid-Willamette River Connections; Willamette Restoration Initiative (Or.); American Heritage Rivers (Marion County (Or.), 2004-06)
    This proposal identifies a number of discrete Willamette River Water Trail tasks, timelines, and budget items. [From the Plan]
  • Benton County : Parks system comprehensive plan 

    Bennett & Bennett Associates; Benton County (Or.). Parks Division; Benton County (Or.) (Benton County (Or.), 1995-09-13)
    This comprehensive plan will be used as a management tool to: describe the philosophy and requirements of the Benton County Parks System; evaluate the use and adequacy of its parkland, park facilities, and natural or ...
  • Benton County : Trail system plan 

    Benton County (Or.) (Benton County (Or.), 2003-03)
    The 1995 Benton County Parks System Comprehensive Plan recommended expansion of existing and future recreational opportunities within the County, and for several years Benton County Parks has been working to develop ...
  • Marion County : Natural heritage park selection and acquisition plan 

    Marion County (Or.) (Marion County (Or.), 2000-12-06)
    The Natural Heritage Parks Program has three primary objectives. 1. Provide visitors the opportunity for nature-oriented recreation, environmental education, and appreciation of Marion County’s natural heritage. 2. Provide ...
  • Hood River County : Parks and recreation capital facilities master plan 

    Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County (Or.), 2005-04-08)
    The Plan thoroughly describes current recreational facilities in the Parks District and provides a range of analysis that estimate the future needs of the Parks District; presents Parks District priorities so that adequate ...
  • Clackamas County : North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District 2004 master plan 

    Clackamas County (Or.); North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District; MIG, Inc.; Barney & Worth, Inc. (Clackamas County (Or.), 2004)
    The vision for North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District is: A well-functioning and well-maintained park system that enhances the quality of life by offering a diversity of recreational opportunities for people of all ...
  • Clatsop County : Parks and recreation plan 

    Clatsop County (Or.) (Clatsop County (Or.), 2006-03-01)
    The report a comprehensive examination of the demand and supply of outdoor recreation in Clatsop County, including an in-depth examination of the county-owned resources. It is an update to the 1992 Clatsop ...
  • Lane County : Parks master plan, 1980 

    Lane County (Or.) (Lane County (Or.), 1981-01)
    The purpose of this plan is to project and plan for the parks and open space needs of Lane County to the year 1995.... The primary objective is to plan for facilities in the unincorporated areas of the County in a cooperative ...