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    • Disparate measures: Poetry, form, and value in early modern England 

      Smith, Michael Bennet, 1979- (University of Oregon, 2010-09)
      In early modern England the word "measure" had a number of different but related meanings, with clear connections between physical measurements and the measurement of the self (ethics), of poetry (prosody), of literary ...
    • “The Undiscovered Country”: Theater and the Mind in Early Modern England 

      Magsam, Joshua (University of Oregon, 2011-12)
      As critic Jonathan Gottschall notes, "The literary scholar's subject is ultimately the human mind - the mind that is the creator, subject, and auditor of literary works." The primary aim of this dissertation is to use ...
    • Words in the world: The place of literature in Early Modern England 

      Hanan, Rachel Ann, 1978- (University of Oregon, 2010-09)
      "Words in the World" details the ways that the place of rhetoric and literature in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries changes in response to the transition from natural philosophy to Cartesian mechanism. In so doing, ...