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    • Falling Out of the Closet: Kevin Smith, Queerness, and Independent Film 

      Soles, Carter Michael (University of Oregon, 2008-09)
      My dissertation argues that the film comedies of Kevin Smith, through their willingness to depict and verbalize gender-bending, queer desire, and deviant sexual practices, exemplify the role independent "slacker" cinema ...
    • The Interrelation of Ethnicity, Iconicity, and Form in American Comics 

      Kunyosying, Kom (University of Oregon, 2011-09)
      This dissertation analyzes issues of race, ethnicity, and identity in American comics and visual culture, and identifies important areas for alternative means to cultural authority located at the intersections of verbal ...
    • The rake's progress: Masculinities on stage and screen 

      Wardell, Kathryn Brenna (University of Oregon, 2010-06)
      My dissertation analyzes the rake, the libertine male, a figure whose liminal masculinity and transgressive appetites work both to stabilize and unsettle hegemony in the texts in which he appears. The rake may seem no more ...