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    • Sustainable communities & ecotourism in Uganda: the Katonga Wetlands Conservation Project 

      Ringer, Gregory D., 1951- (1998-06)
      Perhaps more than any other region of the world, Africa’s dependence on natural resources makes it especially vulnerable to environmental change. To confront the growing social and natural problems, many sub-Saharan ...
    • Tourism in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar: from terrorism to tourism? 

      Ringer, Gregory D., 1951-; Hall, C. Michael (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2000)
      The emerging Southeast Asian nations of Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar (Burma) are undergoing substantial change. Desperately seeking economic growth, these impoverished nations have been ravaged by decades of civil war from ...
    • Wilderness images of tourism and community 

      Ringer, Gregory D., 1951- (Elsevier, 1996)
      International tourism is now the dominant force in the world economy and consequently, is heavily promoted as a source of funding sustainable community development. Developing and marketing communities as tourist destinations ...