Arts & Administration Master's Capstones, Projects, and Theses


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This collection contains a selection of some of the Master's capstones, projects, and theses completed by students in the University of Oregon Arts & Administration Graduate Program.

For more information on the program and its requirements, visit the Arts and Administration Program web page

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Recent Submissions

  • Bell, Tracey J. (University of Oregon, June , 2014)
  • Reynolds, Mattie (University of Oregon, December , 2014)
  • Burke, Meghan; Morgan, Mary; Robey, Sarah; Walugembe, James (University of Oregon, June , 2014)
  • Lederman, Jonathan E. (University of Oregon, 2014)
  • Thorne, Evelyn (University of Oregon, June , 2014)
  • Bulkley, Hannah (University of Oregon, June , 2014)
  • Richardson, Alexandra Tamara (University of Oregon, June , 2014)
  • Duke, Mary (University of Oregon, March , 2014)
  • Marsh, Laura (University of Oregon, June , 2013)

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