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  • Svenson, Ola; Eriksson, Gabriella; Slovic, Paul; Mertz, C. K.; Fuglestad, Tina (Society for Judgment and Decision Making, 2012-05)
    Subjects who judged speed in a driving scenario overestimated how fast they could decelerate when speeding compared to when keeping within the speed limit (Svenson, 2009). The purpose of the present studies were to replicate ...
  • Svenson, Ola; Gonzalez, Nichel; Eriksson, Gabriella (Society for Judgment and Decision Making, 2014-09)
    Svenson (2011) showed that choices of one of two alternative productivity increases to save production resources (e.g., man-months) were biased. Judgments of resource savings following a speed increase from a low production ...
  • Eriksson, Gabriella; Svenson, Ola; Eriksson, Lars (Society for Judgment and Decision Making, 2013-07)
    Biases in people’s judgments of time saved by increasing the speed of an activity have been studied mainly with hypothetical scenarios (Svenson, 2008). The present study asked whether the classic time-saving bias persists ...

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