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  • Satterfield, Terre; Roberts, Mere; Henare, Mark; Finucane, Melissa; Benton, Richard; Henare, Manuka (Decision Research, 2005-05)
    “Risk analysis is both a scientific and a political exercise. Ultimately the whole exercise is driven by values, which determine choices made even within science, and the choices made by decision-makers and by society ...
  • Turner, Nancy; Gregory, Robin; Brooks, Cheryl; Failing, Lee; Satterfield, Terre (Resilience Alliance, 2008-12-24)
    This paper explores the need for a broader and more inclusive approach to decisions about land and resources, one that recognizes the legitimacy of cultural values and traditional knowledge in environmental decision ...
  • Gregory, Robin; Satterfield, Terre (Decision Research, 1998-09-30)
    This report presents the results of a survey of client needs that was conducted by Decision Science Research Institute on behalf of the Southern Interior Forest Extension and Research Partnership. The survey was designed ...
  • Roberts, Mere; Haami, Brad; Benton, Richard; Satterfield, Terre; Finucane, Melissa; Henare, Mark; Henare, Manuka (University of Hawaii Press, 2004)
    The use of whakapapa by New Zealand Maori is most commonly understood in reference to human descent lines and relationships, where it functions as a family tree or genealogy. But it also refers to an epistemological framework ...

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