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  • Dieckmann, Nathan F.; Gregory, Robin; Satterfield, Terre; Mayorga, Marcus; Slovic, Paul (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2021-04-22)
    Social scientists and community advocates have expressed con- cerns that many social and cultural impacts important to citizens are given insufficient weight by decision makers in public policy decision-making. In two large ...
  • Satterfield, Terre; Roberts, Mere; Henare, Mark; Finucane, Melissa; Benton, Richard; Henare, Manuka (Decision Research, 2005-05)
    “Risk analysis is both a scientific and a political exercise. Ultimately the whole exercise is driven by values, which determine choices made even within science, and the choices made by decision-makers and by society ...
  • Turner, Nancy; Gregory, Robin; Brooks, Cheryl; Failing, Lee; Satterfield, Terre (Resilience Alliance, 2008-12-24)
    This paper explores the need for a broader and more inclusive approach to decisions about land and resources, one that recognizes the legitimacy of cultural values and traditional knowledge in environmental decision ...
  • Gregory, Robin; Satterfield, Terre (Decision Research, 1998-09-30)
    This report presents the results of a survey of client needs that was conducted by Decision Science Research Institute on behalf of the Southern Interior Forest Extension and Research Partnership. The survey was designed ...
  • Gregory, Robin; Kozak, Robert; Peterson St-Laurent, Guillaume; Nawaz, Sara; Satterfield, Terre; Hagerman, Shannon (Springer Nature B.V., 2021-05-03)
    Shifts in species ranges and viability introduced by climate change are creating difficult challenges for scientists and citizens. In many cases, the seriousness of threats to endangered species is forcing policy makers ...
  • Roberts, Mere; Haami, Brad; Benton, Richard; Satterfield, Terre; Finucane, Melissa; Henare, Mark; Henare, Manuka (University of Hawaii Press, 2004)
    The use of whakapapa by New Zealand Maori is most commonly understood in reference to human descent lines and relationships, where it functions as a family tree or genealogy. But it also refers to an epistemological framework ...

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