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  • Lebanon (Or.); Architectural Associates (City of Lebanon (Or.), 1973-05-15)
    The Comprehensive Plan is intended to insure that Lebanon's livability will be enhanced rather than weakened in the face of growth and change. [From the Plan]
  • Lebanon (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 1980-03-05)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government's comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Lebanon (Or.); Linn County (Or.); Benkendorf Associates; Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2000-08-30)
    The primary goal of the Cheadle Lake Urban Renewal Plan is to improve the function, condition, and appearance of the Cheadle Lake Urban Renewal Area and to eliminate existing blight and blighting influences in order to ...
  • Lebanon (Or.); ECO Northwest, Ltd.; Angelo Eaton & Associates (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2004-12-08)
    The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document giving direction to development within the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), including the territory inside both the City limits and the Urban Growth Area (UGA). ...
  • University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Bodane, Kate; Cohen, Melissa; Ellis, Morgan; Goodman, Beth; Pheanis, Jonathan; Vasepalli, Renuka; Zeghbib, Danielle; McArthur, Colin; Parker, Robert (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2006-03)
  • Lebanon (Or.); University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2006-03)
    This Plan guides future development and management efforts for the Lebanon park system over the next 20 years. This Plan: provides an inventory of existing parks and an analysis of appropriate park classifications and ...
  • University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Lebanon (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2006-03)
    This document, the Parks Capital Improvement Program, identifies specific projects and activities that implement the Parks Master Plan. [From the document]
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2006-08-17)
    The subject property is a 1.27 acre parcel inside the City's UGB contiguous with the current City Limits. Land to the west/south is designated industrial, and Mixed Use to the east/southeast. The Lowe's Distribution Center ...
  • Lebanon (Or.); CH2M Hill, inc. (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2006-10-23)
    The City of Lebanon TSP identifies planned transportation facilities and services needed to support planned land uses as identified in the Lebanon Comprehensive Plan in a manner consistent with the TPR (Oregon Administrative ...
  • Lebanon (Or.); Lebanon Fire District (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2007-01)
    The Lebanon Area EMP is a document that provides the basic framework to guide departments, agencies, and organizations having emergency responsibilities in their efforts to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2007-02)
    The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) of the City of Lebanon is a planning tool intended to help prioritize, identify, arrange financing, and allow for timely technical design and application of projects and programs to ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2007-03-09)
    The City of Lebanon, in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), initiated a study of the City's transportation system in 1999. These efforts have resulted in development of a Transportation System ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2007-08-09)
    This Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment establishes a zone corresponding to the Public Use Comprehensive Plan and Map category (C-PU), correcting a long-standing omission in the City's Zoning Ordinance. The City's 2003 ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2008-09-10)
    The North Gateway Urban Renewal Plan (the “Plan”) contains goals, objectives and projects for the development of the North Gateway Urban Renewal Area (“Area”). The Area, shown in Figure 1, consists of approximately 144 ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2008-10-06)
    The subject property, known as Ridgeway Landing, is a 73.5 acre parcel inside the City Limits. The area is bordered on the west by the South Santiam River and by Berlin Road on the east, and is located at the western Toot ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2008-12-11)
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2009-07-27)
    Re-designated an 11.84 acre portion of a 14.08 acre parcel from a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment designation of Residential Mixed Density to Mixed Use; and a Zoning Map designation of Residential Mixed Density (RM) to ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2009-07-27)
    Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment changing the Plan designation from Industrial to Mixed Use, and a Zone Map Amendment changing the zoning from Industrial (Z-IND) to Mixed Use (Z-MU) on a 0.58 acre parcel.
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2009-08-17)
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2010-03-18)

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