The Scope and Future Prospects : Oregon's Ecosystem Management Industry

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Title: The Scope and Future Prospects : Oregon's Ecosystem Management Industry
Author: Beltram, James; Evans, Rock; Hibbard, Michael; Luzzi, James
Abstract: Reports the findings of a joint study by the Organization for Economic Initiatives, Inc. (OEI) and the Ecosystem Workforce Program (EWP) at the University of Oregon (UO). OEI is an Oregon 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation that administers several economic development and business assistance programs throughout the State, including those related to the development of the ecosystem management industry. EWP is located at the UO Institute for a Sustainable Environment. EWP provides technical assistance, research, and facilitation for watershed councils, public land management agencies, local economic development staff, contractors and workers in promoting stable business and workforce capacity for the emerging ecosystem management industry. EWP receives funding support from the Ford Foundation, USDA Forest Service Rural Community Assistance and Old Growth Diversification funds administered by the State of Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.
Description: 55 p.
Date: 2001

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