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  • Speck, Craig; Rempel, Alexandra (University of Oregon, 2017)
    The City of Albany looked to University of Oregon architecture students to gather climate and microclimate information for Monteith Park and use it to quantify local heating needs and monthly net solar heating resources. ...
  • Tully, Hillary; Flood, Bill (University of Oregon, 2016)
    The Community Cultural Development class in the Arts and Administra on Department at the University of Oregon was asked to present a plan to the City of Albany, Oregon, that would help the city develop a cultural inventory. ...
  • Sund, Nicholas; Abelman, Jacques (University of Oregon, 2017)
    The City of Albany owns a 26-acre property beside Thornton Lake that is slated to become a future park and nature preserve. The site has historically been used for private homesteading and agriculture but has since become ...
  • Major, James; Kohler, Nick; Behrens, Syler (University of Oregon, 2017)
    The City of Albany, Oregon has iden ed three main objec ves to assist city sta to manage, analyze, and visualize historic aerial images for the purposes of parks and recrea on, as well as manage historic assets. The ...
  • Skov, Joshua (University of Oregon, 2016)
    The University of Oregon Master of Business Administra on and Master of Accoun ng students collaborated in Joshua Skov’s graduate-level course in Industrial Ecology (MGMT 641), inves ga ng the possibili es for the marke ...

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