The economic impacts of climate change in Oregon: a preliminary assessment

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Title: The economic impacts of climate change in Oregon: a preliminary assessment
Author: University of Oregon. Institute for a Sustainable Environment. Resource Innovations
Abstract: This report is based on analysis and information presented by the scientists, resource specialists, and economists that participated at the May 3, 2005, workshop as well as research from the peer-reviewed literature. It was drafted by a subcommittee of participants and circulated to other participants for review and sign-on. It was then circulated to other noted economists for their review and sign-on. Faced with the large but uncertain ecological and economic risks associated with global warming, the economists urge policymakers in the public and private sectors to take steps now to insure society against the impacts. Specifically, the economists urge that prudent steps be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the economists urged policymakers to plan now to adapt to ecological and economic changes driven by warming that now seem inevitable. Oregon’s leaders can respond, in part, by directing public and private investment toward economic development opportunities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. These investments may also enhance income and job opportunities for Oregonians. Finally, the economists outline a suite of urgent priorities for future economic research including water management, sector-specific impacts, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, risk management, and resource conflict resolution. Above all, the economists believe that Oregon’s leaders and citizens will need exceptional resourcefulness and flexibility to meet the unprecedented economic challenges posed by climate change.
Description: 25 p.
Date: 2005-10

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