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  • Urbanism Next Center, University of Oregon (2018)
  • Larco, Nico (2018-03-05)
  • Hoffman, Matt; Shirazi, Sahar (2018-03-05)
    While emerging technologies are often promoted as opportunities to dramatically increase safety, accessibility, and convenience, there is no guarantee that they will improve the lives of everyone. Historically disadvantaged ...
  • Tumlin, Jeffrey (2018-03-05)
    To accommodate the last mobility revolution-- 1929 to 1933 -- we created the regulatory framework for the arrival of the automobile, including criminalizing walking for the first time, and putting into law AAA's marketing ...
  • Chase, Robin (2018-03-05)
    We already live in a time of breathtaking change and uncertainty. Technology is moving so fast we've barely understood its implications before it becomes almost impossible to correct it's expressed worst possibilities. ...
  • Unknown author (Urbanism Next, 2019-05)
    Welcome to the 2019 National Urbanism Next Conference! This last year has seen dramatic advancements and serious setbacks in new mobility, autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, and the sharing economy. We have seen significant ...

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