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    Bartoszek, Oli (University of Oregon, 2020)
    The starting target market for the Airbender is both males and females between the ages of 20 - 30. It is targeted at endurance athletes, but more specifically sub-elite distance runners who train 4-6 times a week primarily ...
  • Bettencourt, Chrissy (University of Oregon, 2020)
    The goal of this project is to design road and trail running shoes for plus-size women. The three main focus points for the project will be on fit, underfoot cushioning, and aesthetic appearance. The research will begin ...
  • Conduff, Carly (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    Every year, whether it be a national championship, world cup, world series or Olympic games athletes seem to break the boundaries of what was thought was physically possible. While this can be partially attributed to ...
  • Winkler, Jacob (2018)
    Bien Dans Sa Peau is a sophisticated sportswear line for women aged 60+. It creates an aesthetic that would be equally comfortable on different ages & body types.
  • Brogan, Brendan (University of Oregon, 2020)
    BINGO Components is a bicycle accessories brand established by Brendon Brogan that is reminiscent of a time in the 1980s and ‘90s when a dedicated community of weirdos, kooks and forward thinking entrepreneurs were ...
  • Fan, Boqi (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    At present, the vast majority of couriers work with equipment that uses cheap materials with simple production processes under cost pressure. Their most important use is perhaps only to indicate the brand of the courier ...
  • Whitfield, Kodi (2018)
    Mission: Create a collection of apparel for urban cyclists that overthrows the divide. Expressive street style punctuated through function.
  • Taylor, Jessamy (University of Oregon, 2020)
    EVEN KEEL CONCEPT STATEMENT: Even Keel is the crash pad that provides superior cushioning under almost any boulder problem. In highball mode, Even Keel combines airbag-like cushioning with structured stability. For ...
  • Demby, Nicole J. (University of Oregon, 2020)
    Women started playing basketball less than a year after the game was invented and currently make up over a quarter of the playing community. However, less than 1% of all basketball shoes sold are female specific (Mirabella, ...
  • Null, Jennifer (University of Oregon, 2020)
    Women have been unofficial employees of the National Park Service from its foundation in 1916. Two short years later, in 1918, the first female ranger was hired. Outfitting the female rangers, however, has a been a rough ...
  • Brazo, Max (University of Oregon, 2020)
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    Hill, Alex (2018-06-12)
    My objective is to develop a methodology to translate & incorporate biomechanical data & foot physiology into the creative process through algorithmic design to produce a new method for footwear design.
  • Perez, Irving (2018)
    My mission is to bring the cultural identity to the forefront of performance innovation by redesigning Portland's Fuji Athletic Club's iconic baseball uniform to fit the 21st century. This project celebrates this ...
  • Li, Shawn (University of Oregon, 2020)
  • Tollette, Garrett (2018)
    Streetball shoes, that are a reconnection to the purity of the game in its natural state.
  • Anderson, Carly (University of Oregon, 2020)
  • McGrath, Drew (2018)
  • Zou, Yu (University of Oregon, 2020)
    The RESURGENCE collection assists the athletes through their rehab training with the extra comfort and protection that they need after a major injury. While wearing these shoes during rehab training, the athletes can be ...
  • Calabrese, Daniel (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    The inclusion of trans athletes in the competitive sports arena has been challenged by committees and organizations for decades. Even today, as representation of the trans community becomes more accepted by the public, ...
  • Clausen, Adam J. (University of Oregon, 2021-06)

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