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  • Cohen, Rachel; Skov, Joshua (University of Oregon, 2018)
    The city of Eugene is interested in learning how its residents might benefit from technology-enabled ‘new mobility’ solutions to differently meet their transportation needs. Student teams analyzed how members of a ...
  • Dangal, Agraj; Clark, Benjamin (University of Oregon, 2019-09)
    The purpose of this report is to provide an approach for the City of Gresham to evaluate data requirements prior to entering into contracts with emerging technology vendors. Four subgroups of new mobility vendors were ...
  • Dangal, Agraj; Ault, Sam; Burdette, Eric; Cobb, Arron; Rhodewalt, Amelia; Clark, Benjamin (University of Oregon, 2019-09)
    This report covers the City of Eugene’s current data management process with an emphasis on parking policies, including recommendations to improve the way the City collects, uses, and stores data. Upon interviewing ...
  • Crum, Carol; Brown, Anne (University of Oregon, 2019)
    With advances in technology, new forms of mobility are emerging and entering our cities. These new modes are driving the need for plans and policies that direct how they will operate in cities, where they can operate and ...
  • Duffey, Stacie; Park, Grace; Thomas, Michael; Clark, Benjamin (University of Oregon, 2019-09)
    The cities of Eugene and Gresham want policy recommendations to prepare for the future of new mobility services and autonomous vehicles (AVs). Both cities hope to integrate these new policies into their Transportation ...
  • Stark, Michele; Lewis, Rebecca (University of Oregon, 2018)
    Significant changes in transportation technology will change the way cities collect revenue and fund infrastructure projects. Forward thinking cities like Eugene, Oregon and Gresham, Oregon are already considering what may ...

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