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  • Hopkins, Lincoln (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    This is a photo of a member of the species Orange Cup Coral (Balanophyllia elegans) taken underneath a dissection scope at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology—one of the University of Oregon’s satellite campuses. The ...
  • Iwashita, Takako (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    Concept learning involves linking related pieces of information to a shared label, such as learning that furry creatures that bark are called “dogs.” People vary in how well they learn concepts and apply them to new ...
  • Rolnick-Wihtol, DeForest Ariyel (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    This paper seeks to introduce new data into the discussion of William Shakespeare’s portrayal of Jewish people through intertextual and close reading of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and The Merchant of Venice, sections from ...
  • Hollowgrass, Clara (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    This piece is part of a series I did which focuses on the refinement found in a face. The medium is scratchboard, which I made myself from wood and black and white paint, and I used an old, empty fountain pen as my carving ...
  • Hatfield, Kevin D (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    In 2010 student leaders began advocating for three initiatives to support undergraduate research and creative work— an annual conference, a student-edited journal, and a dedicated office. They approached Karen Sprague, ...
  • Chambrose, Starla (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    OURJ is just one of the many platforms on campus that seek to broadcast undergraduates’ research achievements. I would be remiss to neglect mentioning the Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS), which celebrates its tenth ...
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    Editorial board for Volume 16 Issue 1 Winter 2020 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Fox, Violet (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    This research includes a literature review, historical background and policy overview, as well as three interviews with women experiencing homelessness, and two interviews with shelter staff in Eugene, Oregon. The purpose ...
  • Wilms-Crowe, Momo (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    Building on the pragmatist philosophical tradition and work done by scholars in the field of feminist technological studies, this paper considers abortion as a case study to examine how science and technology interact with ...

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