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  • Greene, Shelleen (Fembot Collective, 2016-05)
    Bina48, an artificial intelligence modeled after an African American woman, achieves radical political potential not by way of the trope of bodily transcendence and networked disembodiment, but rather, through her convergence ...
  • Andy, Schwartz (Fembot Collective, 2016-05)
    By looking at two queer femme blogs, this paper argues that online spaces can be used as sites of political resistance and arenas for developing queer identities and communities. This paper frames blogging as political ...
  • Gerald, Voorhees (Fembot Collective, 2016-05)
    This paper examines the dadification of digital games, the trend in which players are positioned as father (figures). Comparing the way fatherhood is imagined in The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite on both ludological and ...
  • Hoffman, Anna Lauren; Bloom, Raina (Fembot Collective, 2016)
    From a broad historical and cultural standpoint, Google Books concerns the imposition of ideals of technological rationality and efficiency typical of search engine technology onto entire collections of recorded human ...
  • MacAulay, Maggie; Visser, Rebecca (Fembot Collective, 2016-05)
    Wikipedia has a diversity problem. The encyclopedia that ‘anyone can edit’ can only identify 13% of its editors as women, despite it being the seventh most visited site on the web with over 18 billion page views. Through ...
  • Gajjala, Radhika, 1960-; Stabile, Carol A (Fembot Collective, 2016-05)
  • McCallum, David (Fembot Collective, 2016-05)

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