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  • Rojas, Lucía Egaña (Fembot Collective, 2018-01)
    Este texto busca contribuir al desarrollo de técnicas para la emergencia de ficciones especulativas en torno a los imaginarios feministas relacionados con la tecnología. Se trata de buscar mecanismos de intervención de las ...
  • Rojas, Lucía Egaña (Fembot Collective, 2018-01)
    This text seeks to contribute to the development of techniques for the emergence of speculative fictions around feminist imaginaries related to technology. It tries to search for mechanisms to intervene in traditional ...
  • Possible Bodies (Fembot Collective, 2018-01)
    When specific intra-active technologies of ultrasound and echography violently rendered real bodies, they wondered about the see-through space-times that were left in the dark. The crystals. They read, listened and gossiped ...
  • Kuchera, Susan (Fembot Collective, 2018-01)
    Historical and literary sources suggest the possible application of fiber and textile arts for steganography. As both art and craft, the fiber arts—forms like knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, and others—are strongly ...

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