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    • Yamhill County : comprehensive plan 

      Yamhill County (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Development (Yamhill County (Or.), 1996-12-30)
      The Yamhill County Comprehensive Plan was prepared and adopted prior to the development of LCDC's statewide planning goals.... The preparation of the Plan was a joint effort of the Board of County Commissioners, the ...
    • Yamhill County : Comprehensive plan (1974) 

      Yamhill County (Or.); Yamhill County (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Development (Yamhill County (Or.), 1974-08)
      This document is the Comprehensive Plan for Yamhill County. The planning area includes all of Yamhill County, with full consideration of its ten member cities and the large Federal ownerships in the western part of the ...
    • Yamhill County : Transportation system plan 

      Yamhill County (Or.) (Yamhill County (Or.), 2004-09-30)
      Yamhill County Transportation System Plan (TSP) examines both short and long-term transportation needs. In the short term, the study identifies and provides solutions to immediate safety and congestion problems. For the ...