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  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County (Or.), 1984-02-21)
    The Hood River County Comprehensive land Use Plan is the basic instrument used for County land use planning. It is law and is utilized to control and direct the use and development of land use activities on private lands ...
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County (Or.), 2003)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Hood River County (Or.); Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); David Evans and Associates (Hood River County (Or.), 2003-07-21)
    The TSP was developed through technical analysis combined with input and review by a project management team, a technical advisory committee, and the public. The plan was initially prepared in 1995-1997 and subsequently ...
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County (Or.), 2005-04-08)
    The Plan thoroughly describes current recreational facilities in the Parks District and provides a range of analysis that estimate the future needs of the Parks District; presents Parks District priorities so that adequate ...
  • Hood River County (Or.); Mackwell, Peter (Hood River County (Or.), 2006)
    The Hood River County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) identifies and assesses wildfire hazards within the county boundaries and shows other hazards that are contiguous to the county. The City of Cascade Locks ...
  • Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (Program); RARE; Oregon Natural Hazards Workgroup; Hood River County (Or.); Pasternak, Michael G. (Hood River County (Or.), 2006-08)
    The plan includes resources and information that will assist County agencies, residents, public and private sector organizations, and other people interested in participating in hazard mitigation. (Natural hazard ...
  • Hood River County (Or.); Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm) (Hood River County (Or.), 2006-09-18)
    The state Unincorporated Communities Rule (OAR 660-022) requires counties to adopt land use and zoning measures specific to unincorporated communities in order to ensure that cumulative development in the communities ...
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2006-12-06)
    The Hood River County Board of Commissioners adopted a Reasons Exception to Statewide Planning Goal 3, Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Exclusive Farm Use to Rural Residential, and Zone Change from EFU to RR10 in order ...
  • Hood River County (Or.); Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, 2007-04)
    This document is a coordinated transportation plan focused on addressing the transportation needs of low income individuals, individuals with disabilities, and seniors residing in Hood River County. [From the Plan]
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2007-11-08)
    This was an amendment to Article 65 (Non Conforming Uses) of the Hood River County Zoning Ordinance to add criteria for determining whether a development has attained a vested right status.
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2008-07-23)
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2008-08-07)
    Amended the County zoning article regarding Planned Unit Developments within the UGA (Chapter 17.07) by adding objective density calculation criteria and making stylistic changes to match the City's zoning code. Also ...
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2008-10-23)
    Hood River County has adopted an ordinance amending the Hood River County Comprehensive Land Use Plan to include a Coordinated Population Forecast (2008-2028) as the basis for future planning efforts.
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2008-12-30)
    This plan and map amendment added the remainder of a parcel that was split zoned (approx. Half of the parcel was within the Health Hazard Overlay Zone and the other half was not) into the Health Hazard Overlay Zone. The ...
  • Hood River County (Or.); Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, 2009)
    This document is an update to the 2007-2010 Hood River County Coordinated Transportation Plan. Mid-Columbia Economic Development District, under contract with the Association of Oregon Counties prepared this plan update. ...
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2009-05-29)
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2009-07-27)
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2009-12-23)
    Made those changes dictated by HB 3099 (2009).
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2010-04-05)
    Amendment to Bicycle Element of 2003 Hood River County TSP. Bicycle Plan as Rosource Eloment of Comprehensive Plan; amendments to TSP; amendments to Comprehensive Plan.
  • Hood River County (Or.) (Hood River County, 2010-09-30)
    A request made by David Logsdon for a Comprehensive Plan and Zone Change to convert the designation of his 10 acre from Primary Forest to Farm and to change its zoning from Primary Forest (F-2) to Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) ...

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