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  • Davis, Tessa R. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2023-01-18)
    This Article considers how tax is poised to respond to CRISPR [Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats] and similar emerging medical technologies with both therapeutic and so called enhancement applications. ...
  • Kim, Janine Young (University of Oregon School of Law, 2023-01-18)
    Perhaps the greatest puzzle of the Fourth Amendment—and indeed in all American law more broadly—is its definition of reasonableness. The Fourth Amendment guarantees our right to be secure “against unreasonable searches and ...
  • Hailer, Madeline (University of Oregon School of Law, 2023-01-18)
    The Oregon State Legislature should prioritize restructuring civil legal aid funding. In its current state, the system for delivering legal aid services to qualifying low-income Oregonians is vastly underfunded and dependent ...
  • Blumm, Michael C.; Illowsky, Dara (University of Oregon School of Law, 2023-01-18)
    The Klamath River, draining some twelve thousand square miles in southern Oregon and northern California, was once the third largest salmon stream on the West Coast, the life force of Native Americans. The river runs 263 ...

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