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    • Eugene : Urban renewal plan for Central Eugene Project 

      Spencer & Kupper; Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept.; Eugene (Or.); Eugene Renewal Agency; Central Eugene Project (City of Eugene (Or.), 2004-09-13)
      The Central Eugene Project Plan, containing an area of approximately 70 acres within the boundaries of the City of Eugene, consists of Part 1, text, and Part 2, exhibits. This revised plan has been prepared by the Planning ...
    • Eugene : West Eugene wetlands plan 

      Eugene (Or.); Lane Council of Governments (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Financial Management Services Division; Eugene (Or.). Business Assistance Team; Eugene (Or.). Intergovernmental Relations Dept.; Lane County (Or.) (City of Eugene (Or.), 2004-05)
      There were four major objectives of the West Eugene Wetlands Special Area Study: 1. To use the best information to help the community understand the choices available; 2. To find a balance between environmental protection ...
    • Eugene : Whiteaker plan 

      Eugene (Or.); Whiteaker Community Council (Eugene, Or.) (City of Eugene (Or.), 1994-08)
      This plan reveals key problems and opportunities for the neighborhood. It also presents a vision for the future of the neighborhood. [From the Plan]
    • Eugene : Willakenzie area plan 

      Eugene (Or.); Lane Transit District (Lane County, Or.); Eugene Water & Electric Board; Eugene School District 4J (City of Eugene (Or.), 1992-09)
      The Willakenzie Plan is intended to provide background information and policy direction for public and private decisions affecting the growth and development of the Willakenzie area. The plan will guide the provision of ...
    • Eugene : Willow Creek special area study 

      Eugene (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Public Works Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Fire and Emergency Services Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Parks and Recreation Dept.; Eugene (Or.). Planning Dept.; Lane Council of Governments (Or.); Nature Conservancy of Oregon (City of Eugene (Or.), 1982-07-21)
      [This] Special Area Study responds to Statewide Planning Goals established by the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC). In response to Goal 2, Land Use Planning, coordination in development of this Study has ...
    • Eugene Downtown Plan 

      Eugene (Or.). City Council; Eugene (Or.). Downtown Commission; Eugene (Or.). City Planning Commission (Eugene, Or. : City of Eugene Planning Dept., 1984)
      The first three sections of the plan have an introduction, goals, policies and implementation strategies. The Downtown Plan is a refinement of the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan February 1982, a guiding ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-02-21) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2006-02-21)
      Ordinance No. 20362 repealed Resolution No. 4127 and the Eugene Parks and Recreation Plan adopted therein. That ordinance also amends the City's land use code by deleting Eugene Code (EC) Section 9.9550 (which listed the ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-06-20) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2006-06-20)
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-07-21) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2006-07-21)
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-03-15) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2007-03-15)
      Metro Plan Amendment MA 06-5 amended the Metro Plan land use diagram from a designation of Medium Density Residential to a designation of Low Density Residential for the subject area, along with a concurrent Refinement ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-10-29) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2007-10-29)
      This ordinance specifically amends the Willakenzie Area Plan designation for the subject property from Neighborhood Commercial to Community Commercial and amends policy text to support the designation, to limit the number ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-12-17) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2007-12-17)
      On December 10, 2007, the Eugene City Council adopted Ordinance No. 20400 which established the procedures for processing annexations, extra-territorial extensions and public service district withdrawals. Passage of this ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-06-05) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2008-06-05)
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-06-13) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2008-06-13)
      Code Amendment revising the review process for extraterritorial extensions. Amendment will require the City Council to hold a public hearing and be the final decision maker rather than the Planning Director. This amendment ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-07-21) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2008-07-21)
      1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Amend the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) required from 1.0 FAR to .65 FAR within the /TD zone outside of the downtown core. Amend the area used for calculating FAR from "development site" to "lot". Allow basement ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-08-15) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2008-08-15)
      A variety of minor land use code amendments, including amendments that address lot configurations, fence heights, final plat processes, developer/neighborhood meetings, how building heights are measured, how density is ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-03-17) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2009-03-17)
      T h e ordinance adds Code provisions establishing a Water Quality Overlay Zone and applies it to property that: contains a waterway identified purusant to Section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act, a tributary to a ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-05-11) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2010-08-16)
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-06-11) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2009-06-11)
      1) Expand the list of commercial development standards eligible for the adjustment review process in the Downtown Plan boundary; 2) Create a new comprehensive set of approval criteria that would be applicable to any ...
    • Eugene Notice of Adopted Amendment (2009-06-16) 

      Eugene (Or.) (Eugene, 2009-06-16)
      Administrative Order No. 58-09-07-F adopts administrative rules implementing Eugene City Code sections 9.4780(2), 9.4780(3) and 9.8030(25). As required by those code sections, the adopted rules describe the procedures that ...