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  • Betros, Rosemary; Lewis, Rebecca (University of Oregon, 2023)
    The City of Salem implemented a City Operations Fee in 2019 to supplement revenue for its General Fund. The City was concerned, however, that the current fee structure does not adequately account for equity across commercial ...
  • Stephens, Ric (University of Oregon, 2023-12)
    In an era defined by rapid urbanization, the effective planning and management of cities have become paramount to ensure sustainable development, efficient resource allocation, and enhanced quality of life for residents. ...
  • Blodgett, Liz; Hewatt, Beau; Ignacio, Alyssa; McKnight, Helen; Sesar, Chloe; Schillinger, Attila (University of Oregon, 2023)
    Students in the PR Campaigns capstone course devised three strategies to reduce idling in the city of Salem, Oregon. Strategy 1 emphasizes the city leading by example, calling for city employees to cease idling to encourage ...
  • Houston, Niamh; Kohler, Nick (University of Oregon, 2023)
    The City of Salem, Oregon, has shown dedication to achieving sustainability goals and revitalizing its neighborhoods by conducting walkability and comprehensive corridors assessments. As part of the Sustainable City Year ...
  • Alampi, Elisia; Cheng, Nancy Yen-Wen; Riggio, Mariapaola (University of Oregon, 2023)
    Exploring innovative kit-of-parts construction methods, our project centers on the adaptable nature of reciprocal frame construction, focusing on sustainable reuse of panel materials such as plywood and Mass Plywood Panels ...
  • Knight, Kayleigh; Mundy, Dean (University of Oregon, 2023)
    The Strategic Planning and Cases course (J 453) at the University of Oregon worked with the City of Salem to develop outreach campaigns to address the City’s volunteerism and community engagement needs. Although each student ...

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