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    • Hazard tree removal along major roads in the Davis Fire area decision memo 

      Crescent Ranger District (Or.) (2003-09-29)
      Announces decision to implement 12 miles of hazard tree removal on main roads within the Davis Fire area, including selected major roads within and along the perimeter. Includes felling all dead trees over 6 inches in ...
    • Noxious weed control decision notice and finding of no significant impact 

      Deschutes National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (1998-12-16)
      Announces decision to implement Alternative 2 of project EA, treating 98 noxious weed sites on 901 acres with manual treatments, 27 sites on 149 acres with biological agents, 40 sites on 476 acres with herbicides, and one ...
    • Noxious weed control environmental assessment 

      Deschutes National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (1998-12)
      Proposes to treat noxious weeds on 235 sites of the Deschutes National Forest for five years, with active management on 166 sites. Includes manual control at 98 sites, biological control at 27 sites, chemical control at ...