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    • Portland : Ankeny/Burnside development framework 

      Economic and Planning Systems; Moore Iacofano Goltsman (Firm); Portland Development Commission; Nelson-Nygaard Consulting Associates; Architectural Cost Consultants; Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.); Heritage Research Associates; Johnson Gardner (Portland (Or.), 2006-12)
      The Ankeny/Burnside Development Framework organizes and prioritizes action categories into a four-tiered hierarchy: a) Primary Land Uses b) Desired Built Form c) Opportunity Sites d) Supporting Strategies. Each ...
    • Portland : Burnside and Couch transportation and urban design plan phase II : Catalyst development study 

      GBD Architects; Johnson, Jerry; Callen, Gene; Fry, Peter Finley; Portland (Or.); Singer, Don; Lindley, Lloyd D.; Johnson Gardner; Holmes, Craig S.; Portland (Or.). Office of Transportation; Portland (Or.). Land Development Commission; Integra Realty Resources (City of Portland (Or.), 2005-06)
      Development study goals include: determine private development interest that might result from proposed capital improvements; analyze development potential of future catalyst sites and study area; calculate the economic ...
    • Portland : Burnside/Couch transportation and urban design plan technical refinements 

      Dorn, Mark; Rhodes, Vic; Portland Development Commission; Portland (Or.). Office of Transportation; Portland (Or.); Sharpe, Sumner; Parametrix, Inc.; URS Inc.; Holmes, Craig S.; Lindley, Lloyd D. (City of Portland (Or.), 2005-06)
      The plan provides a vision and strategy for "humanizing Burnside" by transforming the Central City's most blighted area into a "people place" that is comfortable, safe and exciting. Street improvements and new ...
    • Portland : Central City plan 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1988-03-24)
      [T]he Plan is to: review the results of the Downtown Plan, build upon its successes and correct its deficiencies, and extend its usefulness to the entire Central City; clarify the functional role of the Central City and ...
    • Portland : Central City transportation management plan 

      Portland (Or.). Office of Transportation; Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1995-12-06)
      Action Items [and District Strategies] are proposed to be adopted through City Council Resolution. These items are suggestions on how the Central City can be improved.... Some will need to be modified, or in some cases, ...
    • Portland : Downtown Community Association's residential plan 

      Downtown Community Association (Portland, Or.); Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (Portland (Or.), 1996-06)
      The Downtown Community Association's Residential Plan has three main goals: (1) to recognize the importance of Downtown as a community gathering place and romantic attraction by encouraging the opportunities for personal ...
    • Portland : Downtown design guidelines 

      Harrison, Michael; Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1983-01)
      The twenty general guidelines, and additional special district guidelines in the document are to implement the four goals for downtown design. They are intended to aid project designers in understanding the principal ...
    • Portland : Downtown plan 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1972-02-09)
      The planning guidelines described here help to set a course of action for the development of Downtown Portland in the years ahead. Some of the guidelines are general, indicating goals and policies against which specific ...
    • Portland : downtown retail summary of findings and recommendations (2008) 

      Portland (Or.); Leland Consulting Group (Portland Development Commission, 2008-03)
      This summary describes findings and recommendations from the 2008 Portland Downtown Retail Study. The summary is one of four reports submitted to Portland Development Commission as part of the engagement. The supporting ...
    • Portland : Downtown's West End : Amendments to the central city plan, zoning code, and zoning map 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 2002-02)
      On January 10, 2002, City Council adopted changes, formally termed amendments, to the Central City Plan, Zoning Code, and Comprehensive Plan and zoning map. These amendments are designed to spur new development at the ...
    • Portland : Draft 2007 Central Portland development capacity study 

      Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2007-04)
      this study provides answers to two basic questions regarding the availability of land for new development in central Portland: What sites are potentially available for redevelopment? How much of different development ...
    • Portland : Harbor/Naito concept plan (2004) 

      Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Portland (Or.). Office of Transportation; Crandall Arambula; Urban Advisors, Ltd.; Nelson-Nygaard Consulting Associates (Portland Development Commission, 2004-06)
      The purpose of this Transportation Growth Management Quick Response Study is to identify alternative redevelopment opportunities and circulation patterns for four major major land holdings within the study area. [From ...
    • Portland : Headquarters hotel conceptual study (2003) 

      Portland (Or.); Zimmer Gunsul Frasca; Portland Development Commission (City of Portland (Or.), 2003-08-13)
      The purpose of this study is to assess the development feasibility of an 800-room hotel on Portland Development Commission property near the Oregon Convention Center. [From the document]
    • Portland : Market assessment, Burnside Bridgehead project 

      Johnson Gardner; Portland Development Commission; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2007-12)
      The Burnside Bridgehead project represents a highly complicated development on a key site for Portland's Close-In Eastside. The site is difficult physically, with significant grade differentials and transportation requirements. ...
    • Portland : Midtown Blocks planning study 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Stastny, Donald J.; Gibbs, Robert J.; Halsband, Frances; Johnston, Norman J.; Macris, Dean L.; Milliken, Donald; Olin, Laurie D.; Williams, Allison G. (City of Portland (Or.), 2001-05)
      [The document] provides a synopsis of the ACE [(Advisory Council of Experts)] activities and its recommendations. It is not at this time a document that has undergone public review. In its current form, it provides a ...
    • Portland : North of Lovejoy project: Recommended zoning changes 

      Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 2005-03)
      The North of Lovejoy Project proposes changes to development regulations that have governed a northern portion of the Pearl District since the Central City Plan was adopted in 1988.... The area’s ongoing changes raise ...
    • Portland : North Old Town/Chinatown redevelopment strategy 

      DAO Architecture, LLC; Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Barney & Worth, Inc.; E.D. Hovee & Company (City of Portland (Or.), 2008-09)
      In late 2006, the North Old Town/Chinatown (NOTCT) Redevelopment Strategy was initiated by the Portland Development Commission (PDC), with the participation of a Stakeholder Advisory Committee consisting of area business ...
    • Portland : North Pearl District plan : Planning Commission recommendations June 2008 

      Zimmer Gunsul Frasca; JD White (Firm); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2007-06)
      The North Pearl District Plan is a neighborhood plan intended to direct public and private development and investment in the portion of the Pearl District north of NW Lovejoy Street. [From the Plan]
    • Portland : Old Town / Chinatown vision plan 

      Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 1997-12-10)
      The Old Town/Chinatown Vision Statement represents the efforts of the people of the diverse Old Town/Chinatown community. We have come together to craft a vision of what we want the area to be, and how we propose to bring ...
    • Portland : PDC downtown waterfront development opportunities project 

      Shiels Obletz Johnsen; Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Emmons Architects; Lango Hansen Landscape Architects; E.D. Hovee & Company (City of Portland (Or.), 2003-04-11)
      The Portland Development Commission (PDC) initiated the Downtown Waterfront Development Strategies Project to: identify the public and private actions needed to stimulate new development activity in the area between the ...