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    • Building a Digital Collection in CONTENTdm® 

      Hixson, Carol G., 1955-; Harper, Corey A. (University of Oregon. Libraries, 2004-04-15)
      The presentation provides an overview of how to build a digital collection using CONTENTdm® software. It discusses specifically how to establish field properties, reviews the administrative interface and Dublin Core mapping, ...
    • Collaboration in User Interface Design, or Bringing the Public Service Perspective to Building a Digital Library 

      Harper, Corey A. (The Haworth Press, Inc., 2006)
      This article discusses the potential for interaction and collaboration between Public Services and Technical Services librarians in the development of Digital Libraries. It discusses general principles for interface design, ...
    • Encoding Library of Congress Subject Headings in SKOS: Authority Control for the Semantic Web 

      Harper, Corey A. (2006-09-04)
      This paper explores using XSLT stylesheets to translate LCSH Authority Records from MARC/XML or MADS XML formats into RDF documents according to the SKOS project's Quick Guide to Publishing a Thesaurus on the Semantic Web. ...
    • Getting Started with CONTENTdm 

      Harper, Corey A.; Reese, Terry (2006-09-02)
      This presentation discusses the basic process for building a Digital Library collection using DiMeMa's CONTENTdm® software. It discusses determining access points, setting up field properties, using controlled vocabularies, ...
    • Imagining the Northwest : A Digital Library Partnership in Oregon 

      Harper, Corey A.; Georgitis, Nathan; Hixson, Carol G., 1955- (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, 2003-10-01)
      This paper documents the development of a digital library of still images created by photographer Lee Moorhouse on the Umatilla Indian Reservation at the turn of the 20th century. The University of Oregon Libraries, working ...
    • Library of Congress controlled vocabularies and their application to the Semantic Web 

      Harper, Corey A.; Tillett, Barbara B. (2006-09-04)
      This article discusses how various controlled vocabularies, classification schemes and thesauri can serve as some of the building blocks of the Semantic Web. These vocabularies have been developed over the course of decades, ...
    • NewBreed Librarian ; Vol. 2, No. 4 

      Bell, Colleen; Bradley, Fiona; Robare, Lori; Harper, Corey A. (NewBreed Librarian, 2002-08)
      Feature article: Technical versus Public Services: Bridging the Fictional Gap Between "Opposing" Aspects of Librarianship; Interview: Eric Miller; People: Fiona Bradley; Ask Susu; Tech Talk