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    • Human Values as a Source for Sustaining the Environment 

      Zack, Naomi, 1944- (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2002)
    • Lockean Money, Indigenism and Globalism 

      Zack, Naomi, 1944- (University of Calgary Press, 1999)
      The term 'indigenism' is currently used to refer to the traditions, interests, and goals of the descendants of original, or "pre-contact," inhabitants of lands that Europeans and Americans invaded and exploited. In general, ...
    • Philosophical aspects of the `AAA Statement on "Race"' 

      Zack, Naomi, 1944- (SAGE Publications, 2001-12)
      I apply philosophical analysis to the AAA Statement on "Race"' (American Anthropological Association, 1998) and the commentary on its earlier draft published in the Anthropology Newsletter (1997). Racial essentialism is ...
    • A Philosophically Serious Comparison of the Ontologies of Race and Gender 

      Zack, Naomi, 1944- (2005-12)
      Race and gender are not ontologically or epistemologically symmetrical. Ontologies of human races are more recent historical ideas than male-female taxonomies of gender, although ontologies of gender that include intersexuals, ...
    • Philosophy and Disaster 

      Zack, Naomi, 1944- (Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS), 2006-04)
      Philosophers have traditionally written from the perspective of ordinary people and they are as vulnerable to fear as other members of the public. Academic philosophers can contribute to the multi-disciplinary field of ...
    • Race and Mixed Race 

      Zack, Naomi, 1944- (Temple University Press, 1993)
      In the first philosophical challenge to accepted racial classifications in the United States, Naomi Zack uses philosophical methods to criticize their logic. Tracing social and historical problems related to racial identity, ...