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    • An Empirical Model of Demand for Future Health States when Valuing Risk-Mitigating Programs 

      Cameron, Trudy Ann; DeShazo, J. R. (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2004-03)
      We develop a structural option price model in which individuals choose among competing risk-mitigating programs to alter their probability of experiencing future years in various degraded health states. The novel aspects ...
    • Scenario Adjustment in Stated Preference Research 

      Cameron, Trudy Ann; DeShazo, J. R.; Johnson, Erica H. (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2009-11-22)
      Stated preference (SP) survey methods have been used increasingly to assess willingness to pay for a wide variety of non-market goods and services, including reductions in risks to life and health. Poorly designed SP ...