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    • Lincoln City : Commercial design standards 

      Lincoln City (Or.); Tahran Architecture & Planning LLC; Siegel Planning Services (City of Lincoln City (Or.), 2007-08-27)
      These Commercial Development Design Standards are intended to enhance and protect the cityâ s quality of life and community image through clearly articulated commercial development design goals and policies and minimum ...
    • Lincoln City : Comprehensive plan 

      Lincoln City (Or.); Lincoln City (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Community Development (City of Lincoln City (Or.), 1998-10)
      The Comprehensive Plan of the City of Lincoln City is a document which guides land use decisions in the City of Lincoln City. The Plan identifies issues and problems in the City of Lincoln City and considers social, economic, ...
    • Lincoln City : Comprehensive plan inventory (1984) 

      Lincoln City (Or.) (City of Lincoln City (Or.), 1984-01-23)
      To establish an Urban Growth Boundary, statewide planning goals require the review of seven factors or criteria.... The following is a factor by factor justification of Lincoln City's Urban Growth Boundary. [From the document]
    • Lincoln City : OceanLake redevelopment plan 

      Lauchlin R. Bethune Associates; Gilliland, Arlon; Von Foerster, Andreas; Arlon Gilliland's Bird Nest Gallery and Studio; Lincoln City (Or.); RBF Consulting. Urban Design Studio (City of Lincoln City (Or.), 2002-09)
      The OceanLake Redevelopment Plan is a tool to help both revitalize and celebrate Lincoln Cityâ s historic heart, improving the experience for both residents and visitors. Based upon the communityâ s vision, The OceanLake ...