Douglas County : Transportation system plan

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Title: Douglas County : Transportation system plan
Author: Douglas County (Or.)
Abstract: Douglas County currently has an acknowledged transportation plan and land use regulations. This plan and its accompanying regulations are an update to Douglas County's acknowledged program and serve as the base for the development of the updated Transportation System Plan (TSP). The TSP was compiled from the acknowledged Comprehensive Plan Elements and support documents. This document contains the amendments adopted on August 13, 1997, to address the Transportation Planning Rule. The Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Oregon Department of Transportation appealed the Transportation System Plan to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). In an effort to mitigate the appeal, an emergency ordinance and amendments was adopted on February 14, 1998, these amendments are also included in this document. [From the Plan]
Description: Item contains four files. 1) Transportation system plan. 363 pp. Includes maps. Published November, 1998; most recently amended December 5, 2001. 2) Amendments to the Douglas County Comprehensive plan text & transportation maps & land use development ordinance. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps. Published December 5, 2001. 3) Completion project. 150 pp. Includes maps. Published Fall 2004. (4 Green transportation system plan. 81 pp. Published July 19, 2001. Received from ODOT January 2, 2007.
Date: 2001-12-05

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Douglas_County_TSP_Completion_Project.pdf 5.011Mb PDF View/Open Douglas County Transportation System Plan Completion Project
Douglas_County_TSP_Amendments.pdf 4.050Mb PDF View/Open Douglas County Transportation System Plan Amendments
Douglas_County_Transplan.pdf 8.812Mb PDF View/Open Douglas County Transportation System Plan

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