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    • Child Sex Abuse Perpetrators Among Male University Students 

      Becker-Blease, Kathryn; Friend, Daniel; Freyd, Jennifer J. (2006-11)
      Previous studies indicate that approximately 21% of undergraduate men report attraction to “little children”, 4 – 9 % report having fantasies about sex with a child, and 5 – 6% report masturbating to these fantasies. ...
    • Examining Dissociation in Maltreated Preschool Children 

      Cholankeril, Annmarie; Freyd, Jennifer J.; Pears, K.C.; Becker-Blease, Kathryn; Fisher, P.A. (2006-11)
      The purpose of this study is to examine dissociation in a population of preschool-age foster children with documented cases of maltreatment. Data were collected from participants in the Early Intervention Foster Care program ...