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  • Roseburg (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation (City of Roseburg (Or.), 2003)
    The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and City of Roseburg (COR) have developed this Access Management Plan (AMP) for a section of OR 138E in compliance with the Oregon Highway Plan (OHP), the City of Roseburg ...
  • Douglas County (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation; David Evans and Associates; Roseburg (Or.) (Oregon. Dept. of Transportation, 2005-06-27)
    The purpose of this planning effort is to evaluate the operation of Interchange 123, assess the limitations and issues of concern, and, in general terms, identify possible future long-range needs attributable to planned ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-01-26)
    Annexation of public lands into city limits and change from County Comp Plan (Industrial - Farm Forest) to City (Public, Semi-Public) and change Zoning from County Farm Forest (FF) and Farm Grazing (FG) to City Public Reserve (PR)
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-01-26)
    Annexation of island lands into city- change zone from Jurisdictional Transfer (citv zone) of M-2 (Medium Industrial) to MU (Mixed Use) ^ ___
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-01-26)
    Annex lands into city and change zoning from Medium Industrial (M-2) to Heavy Industrial (M-3) total acreage 15.18
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-01-26)
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-04-27)
  • Roseburg (Or.) (City of Roseburg (Or.), 2006-06)
    This Transportation System Plan (TSP) provides guidance and regulatory tools so that the City can develop its transportation system through coordinated policies and planned improvements over the next 20 years. It also ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-11-15)
    Annexed 34 individual lots and public rights-of-way located within the UGB; contiguous to the exisitng City boundary or surrounded by City limits: and rezoned same from County to City designation consistent with City ...
  • Roseburg (Or.); Roseburg (Or.). Dept. of Planning and Community Development (City of Roseburg (Or.), 2006-12-11)
    The Roseburg Urban Area Comprehensive Plan is a long-range general policy guide in which the City of Roseburg and Douglas County jointly set forth major policies concerning desirable future growth over the next two ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2006-12-15)
    This is the adoption of the first Transportation System Plan for the City of Roseburg. This adoption is an amendment to the City of Roseburg Comprehensive Plan. Amendments to the Land Use and Development Ordinance will be ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-01-11)
    A 2.5-acre parcel outside Roseburg city limits but inside Roseburg UGB had a split comp plan designation of Commerical (2.2 ac) and High-Density Residential (0.3 acres). The amendment changed the 0.3 acres to Commercial, ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-01-11)
    UGB expansion/plan amendment of 16 acres from Rural Industrial to City Industrial, Zone Change from Rural Industrial to Mixed Use at Diamond Lake Blvd. (Highway 138) and Sunshine Road, adjacent to the applicant's 29 acres ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-01-30)
    Adoption of an ordinance to change the zoning on property currently under development as part of Sunset View Subdivision. The requested Zone Change is from R-1-7.5 (7500 SF minimum lot size) to R-l-6 (6000 SF minimum lot ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-03-30)
    Residential Buildable Lands Inventory and Housing Needs Analysis 1,035 acres needed to meet 2027 housing needs
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-05-16)
    Comprehensive Plan Map amendment from High Density Residential to Professional Office with a concurrent Zone Change from High Density Residential (MR-29) to Professional Office (PO).
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-05-16)
    This Comprehensive Plan Amendment is to change the current designation from Commercial (COM) to Medium Density Residenti (MDR) for 0.76 arces within the City Urban Growth Area but within the jurisdiction of Douglas County.
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-06-14)
    Subject site is Lot 26, Warewood Terrace PUD, Tax Lot 6300, Township 27 South, Range 06 West, Willamette Meridian, Section 11BC. Comprehensive Plan Designation changed from High Density Residential to Commercial concurrently ...
  • Roseburg (Or.) (Roseburg, 2007-06-28)
    Annexed 15+ acres that is located within the City's UGB and concurrently change the zone from County Zone designation of single family (R-l) to City designation of Single Family (R-1-7.5).
  • Crandall Arambula; Roseburg (Or.) (City of Roseburg (Or.), 2007-06-30)
    The goals of the Roseburg Outreach Project are to: expand local transportation choices; help strengthen the economic vitality and improve the livability of the community with a focus on three key areas: 1. Roseburg's ...

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