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    • 2004 Silverton community survey 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop (City of Silverton (Or.), 2005-01)
    • Silverton : Bicycle master plan 

      Silverton (Or.); Falcon Architecture & Planning (City of Silverton (Or.), 1993-08)
      The Silverton Bicycle Master Plan is designed to be an easily referenced document used to address the specific needs of bicylists, to promote bicycling in the Silverton area, and to outline the tasks and responsibilities ...
    • Silverton : Downtown master plan 

      Oregon. Dept. of Transportation; Otak, Inc.; DKS Associates; Silverton (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development (City of Silverton (Or.), 2007-06)
      The Silverton Downtown Development Plan has been identified by policy makers, citizens and business groups as a critical piece of Silverton's long range planning efforts. The Plan was formulated to accompany the City ...
    • Silverton : Downtown parking study 

      Walker-Macy; Urbsworks; Silverton (Or.); Kittelson & Associates (City of Silverton (Or.), 1998-11)
      This study was conducted to address downtown business and civic community concerns for providing sufficient, convenient parking for customers, residents and employees. With the future opening of the Oregon Garden, and the ...
    • Silverton : Transportation system plan 

      Silverton (Or.) (City of Silverton (Or.), 2000-10)
      The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is the City's planning document for its future transportation needs. It allows the City to review its existing transportation facilities in an effort to determine what improvements ...