Deschutes County : Transportation system plan

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Title: Deschutes County : Transportation system plan
Author: Deschutes County (Or.)
Abstract: The Deschutes County Transportation System Plan addresses transportation needs throughout the County over the next twenty years (1996-2016). The County transportation system provides connections between Deschutes County and adjacent counties, as well as between the urban and rural areas within the County. The transportation network involves many different modes, including auto, bike, pedestrian, rail and transit. The Plan provides an overview of the existing transportation system in the County and addresses both short and long-term transportation needs. In the short-term, the study identifies and provides recommended solutions to immediate safety and congestion problems. For the future, the study looks at the next 20 years in Deschutes County, and identifies through goals and policies, how best to move people and goods efficiently throughout the County. Long-term projects are identified and prioritized. [From the Plan]
Description: 354 pp. Includes maps and figures. Includes maps and figures. Published September 30, 2003. Received from ODOT January 2, 2007.
Date: 2003-09-30

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