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    • Canby: Canby urban renewal plan 

      Canby (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Canby (Or.), 1999-11-24)
      The Canby Urban Renewal Plan consists of Part One - Text and Part Two - Exhibits. The Canby City Council acts as the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Canby, Oregon. This Plan has been prepared pursuant to Oregon Revised ...
    • Coos Bay : Downtown urban renewal plan (2004) 

      Coos Bay (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2004-02)
      [T]he Plan's basic philosophy incorporates the following tenets: 1. Flexibility to meet unknown future needs. 2. Conservative financial management. 3. Cooperation with private enterprise. [From the Plan]
    • Coos Bay : Empire District urban renewal plan (2008) 

      Coos Bay (Or.); Benkendorf Associates; Moore, Briethaupt & Associates; Richard P. Turi Architecture (City of Coos Bay (Or.), 2008-06-17)
      The [Plan] is being prepared to further encourage rehabilitation and redevelopment that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations adopted by the City Council. [From the Plan]
    • Dallas : Downtown urban renewal plan 

      Mosca, Tina; Parker, Lynn; Dallas (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Dallas (Or.), 2004-08-16)
      The Dallas Downtown Urban Renewal Plan (the â Planâ ) contains goals, objectives and projects for the revitalization of the downtown Dallas Urban Renewal Area (â Areaâ ).... The overall purpose of the Plan is to use ...
    • The Dalles : Columbia Gateway urban renewal program (2009) 

      The Dalles (Or.) (City of The Dalles (Or.), 2009-07-22)
      [T]he goals and objectives... are: A. To make strategic investments of urban renewal funds so that unused and underused properties can be placed in productive condition and utilized in a manner consistent with the ...
    • Estacada : Downtown urban renewal plan 

      Cascade Economic Planning; SERA Architects; Estacada (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Estacada (Or.), 2007-01-11)
      The Estacada Downtown Urban Renewal Plan (the â Planâ ) contains goals, objectives and projects for the revitalization of the Estacada Downtown Urban Renewal Area.... The purpose of the Plan is to use the tools provided ...
    • Eugene : Riverfront urban renewal district plan 

      Eugene (Or.). Financial Management Services Division; Spencer & Kupper; Eugene (Or.); Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept. (City of Eugene (Or.), 2004-03-10)
      The Riverfront Urban Renewal District, pertaining to an area of approximately 178 acres within the boundaries of the city, consists of Part 1, Text and Part 2, Exhibits. This plan has been prepared by the Planning and ...
    • Eugene : Urban renewal plan for Central Eugene Project 

      Spencer & Kupper; Eugene (Or.). Planning and Development Dept.; Eugene (Or.); Eugene Renewal Agency; Central Eugene Project (City of Eugene (Or.), 2004-09-13)
      The Central Eugene Project Plan, containing an area of approximately 70 acres within the boundaries of the City of Eugene, consists of Part 1, text, and Part 2, exhibits. This revised plan has been prepared by the Planning ...
    • Florence : Downtown urban renewal plan 

      WestCoast Media Group; Florence (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Florence (Or.), 2006-08-21)
      On March 23, 2005, Florence City Council appointed a Downtown Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (DURAC), and gave it these charges: find a funding method to complete the Council Approved Downtown Plan; evaluate the ...
    • Garibaldi : Urban renewal plan 

      Garibaldi (Or.); Spencer & Kupper (City of Garibaldi (Or.), 2006-08-27)
      The Garibaldi Urban Renewal Plan is the culmination of several recent study efforts; including a 2006 update of Garibaldiâ s Comprehensive Plan, recent updates of utility Master Plans, and the "Garibaldi Connections ...
    • Grants Pass : The Third Bridge Corridor development plan 

      Third Bridge Corridor Development Agency (Grants Pass, Or.); Grants Pass (Or.); Patterson, Snider and Stewart (City of Grants Pass (Or.), 1987-09-02)
      The Third Bridge Corridor Development Plan is a 868.50 acre, Urban Renewal Plan for the City of Grants Pass, Oregon. The Third Bridge Corridor Development Area is located entirely within the incorporated City of Grants ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood renewal feasibility study (2001) 

      Gresham (Or.); Barney & Worth, Inc.; E.D. Hovee & Company; Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Gresham (Or.), 2001-11)
      The study finds that urban renewal can help Rockwood–West Gresham become a more competitive and desirable location for new commercial business, industry and housing by providing the means to: support development of vacant, ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood-West Gesham urban renewal plan 

      Davis Hibbitts & McCaig; Tashman Johnson LLC; Launer, Jeannette M.; E.D. Hovee & Company; Gresham (Or.); Gresham (Or.). Community & Economic Development Dept. (City of Gresham (Or.), 2003-11-04)
      This Rockwood-West Gresham Renewal Plan (the â Planâ ) calls for an urban renewal program within Rockwood-West Gresham. Urban renewal programs are used by cities and counties throughout Oregon to improve conditions in ...
    • Gresham : Rockwood-West Gresham urban renewal industrial opportunity study (2007) 

      Gresham (Or.); Gresham Redevelopment Commission (City of Gresham (Or.), 2007-05-17)
      The purpose of this study is to identify opportunities for industrial growth and recommend a strategic approach that will better support and retain existing industrial businesses within the study area and attract new ...
    • Independence : Urban renewal plan 

      Independence (Or.) (City of Independence (Or.), 2001-09-25)
      The purpose of this Renewal Plan is to eliminate blighting influences found in the Renewal Area, to implement goals and objectives of the City of Independence Comprehensive Plan, and to implement development strategies ...
    • Lake Oswego : East End redevelopment plan 

      Lake Oswego (Or.); Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (City of Lake Oswego (Or.), 2004-05-18)
      This urban renewal plan update, hereinafter called â The Plan,â has been prepared by the Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency â The Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Lake Oswego, pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) ...
    • Lebanon : Cheadle Lake urban renewal plan (2000) 

      Lebanon (Or.); Linn County (Or.); Benkendorf Associates; Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2000-08-30)
      The primary goal of the Cheadle Lake Urban Renewal Plan is to improve the function, condition, and appearance of the Cheadle Lake Urban Renewal Area and to eliminate existing blight and blighting influences in order to ...
    • Lebanon : North Gateway urban renewal plan (2008) 

      Lebanon (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2008-09-10)
      The North Gateway Urban Renewal Plan (the “Plan”) contains goals, objectives and projects for the development of the North Gateway Urban Renewal Area (“Area”). The Area, shown in Figure 1, consists of approximately 144 ...
    • Lincoln City : OceanLake redevelopment plan 

      Lauchlin R. Bethune Associates; Gilliland, Arlon; Von Foerster, Andreas; Arlon Gilliland's Bird Nest Gallery and Studio; Lincoln City (Or.); RBF Consulting. Urban Design Studio (City of Lincoln City (Or.), 2002-09)
      The OceanLake Redevelopment Plan is a tool to help both revitalize and celebrate Lincoln Cityâ s historic heart, improving the experience for both residents and visitors. Based upon the communityâ s vision, The OceanLake ...
    • Madras : Urban revitalization action plan 

      Leland Consulting Group; Madras (Or.); Walker-Macy (City of Madras (Or.), 2005-02)
      Mission [of this Plan]: To prepare a strategy for the future development of land, buildings and parks in the Madras Urban Renewal District, which encourages the efficient use of public funds to develop a unique identity ...