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    • Sutherlin : Festival Grounds preliminary wetland delineation report 

      Satre Associates; Sutherlin (Or.) (City of Sutherlin (Or.), 2008-03-10)
      The study area contains nine [discernible] features with varying degrees of connectivity to each other. These features are mapped and described as WL1 through WL9.... Findings are nearly consistent with the Sutherlin ...
    • Tigard : Environmental design and open space plan (1977) 

      Tigard (Or.) (City of Tigard (Or.), 1977-08-08)
      This Plan recognizes the value of the natural environment and attempts to establish the degree of respect due the land. This is accomplished through a process of using nature as the major guide to land development... ...
    • Veneta : Total maximum daily load (TMDL) implementation plan 

      Veneta (Or.) (City of Veneta (Or.), 2008-02-11)
      This document is the total maximum daily load (TMDL) Implementation Plan for the City of Veneta. This Plan describes the strategies that the City will implement to reduce temperature, bacteria, and mercury pollution in ...