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    • Portland : Assessment of biodiesel feedstocks in Oregon 

      Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Dan O'Brien Associates (City of Portland (Or.), 2006-06)
      The Portland Development Commission requested this study to evaluate crops that have potential as biodiesel feedstocks and where they may be grown in Oregon. It will also discuss oilseed extraction methods and resulting ...
    • Portland : Downtown riverfront habitat opportunities report 

      Portland Development Commission; KPFF Consulting Engineers; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Fishman Environmental Services; GreenWorks PC; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2002-08)
      The Portland Downtown Riverfront Habitat Opportunities report identifies habitat enhancement opportunities in nearshore waters and on shorelines within the study area, between the Ross Island and Steel Bridges. The ...
    • Portland : Eastbank Riverfront (phase I) floating walkway fish predation study 

      Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Fishman Environmental Services (City of Portland (Or.), 2001-10-30)
      This report presents the goals, methods, results and conclusions of a study conducted in 1999 and 2000 on the potential relationship between the existence of a newly constructed floating walkway and the presence, abundance ...