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    • Big Marsh late successional reserves 

      Crescent Ranger District (Or.) (1997-10)
      Assessment addresses three LSRs within the Big Marsh Watershed : Crescent, Lower Big Marsh,and Upper Big Marsh, providing background, key questions and management strategies. Description of current conditions (forest ...
    • Davis late-successional reserve assessment 

      Crescent Ranger District (Or.) (1995)
      Identifies six areas of existing and historic vegetative conditions and the wildlife species that could logically be managed to provide a similar habitat type and function: mixed conifer for northern spotted owl (54%), ...
    • Proposed modifications to Davis late successional reserve assessment 

      Crescent Ranger District (Or.) (2003-03-06)
      Proposes to modify the LSR guidelines to leave sufficient down wood in untreated blocks strategically located to meet existing guidelines and to allow adequately for treatments, proposed for the purpose of reducing fire ...