Distribution of Zooplankton and Detritus within Langmuir Circulation Cells

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Title: Distribution of Zooplankton and Detritus within Langmuir Circulation Cells
Author: Laferriere, Alison Mariah, 1976-
Abstract: Langmuir circulation cells are wind generated surface currents, which take the form of alternating clockwise and counter clockwise rotating helical cells. Models suggest that organisms and particles may be retained in the convergence and divergence zones depending on the relative settling and swimming velocity versus circulation velocity. Surface water in convergence and divergence zones of Langmuir circulations were sampled with plankton nets and zooplankton and fecal pellets were enumerated. Copepods did not differ significantly between zones. Balanus glandula cyprids, competent Polydora spp., and an unidentified late stage veliger were often significantly concentrated in convergence zones. These results suggest that late stage larvae may be exploiting Langmuir circulation as a transport mechanism to travel shoreward for settlement. Fecal pellets were more concentrated in divergence zones on four out of six sample days. On the two days when pellets were more concentrated in convergence zones the swell was larger.
Description: xi, 70 p. : ill., maps. A print copy of this title is available from the UO Libraries under the call number: SCIENCE GC228.5 L34 2007
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/6058
Date: 2007-12

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