An identification guide to the larval marine invertebrates of the pacific northwest

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Title: An identification guide to the larval marine invertebrates of the pacific northwest
Author: Shanks, Alan
Abstract: Contents: Porifera : the sponges ; Cnidaria (coelenterata) / Steven Sadro -- Platyhelminthes : the flatworms with an emphasis on marine Turbellaria / Alan L. Shanks -- Nemertea : the ribbon worms / Keven B. Johnson -- Entoprocta / Alan L. Shanks -- Polychaeta / Lana Crumrine -- Sipuncula : the peanut worms / Kevin B. Johnson -- Echiura and Pogonophora : the coelomate worms / Alan L. Shanks -- Mollusca : Gastropoda / Jeffrey H.R. Goddard -- Mollusca : Bivalvia / Laura A. Brink -- Mollusca : the smaller groups Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda, and Cephalopoda / Alan L. Shanks -- Arthropoda, Cirripedia : the barnacles / Andrew J. Arnsberg -- Arthropoda : Isopoda / Steven Sadro -- Arthropoda : Decapoda / Amy L. Puls -- Phoronida / Kevin B. Johnson -- Bryozoa / Katherine Rafferty -- Brachiopoda / Alan L. Shanks -- Echinodermata / Bruce A. Miller -- Hemichordata, class Enteropneusta : the acorn worms / Alan L. Shanks -- Urochordata : Ascidiacea / Steven Sadro
Description: 314 p. : ill. ; 26 cm, Includes bibliographical references and index.
Date: 2001

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index.pdf 843.0Kb PDF View/Open Index
20.pdf 308.0Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 20: Urochordata: Ascidiacea
19.pdf 143.7Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 19: Hemichordata, Class Enteropneusta: The Acorn Worms
18.pdf 846.6Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 18: Echinodermata
17.pdf 132.5Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 17: Brachiopoda
16.pdf 1.470Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 16: Bryozoa
15.pdf 1.136Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 15: Phoronida
14.pdf 10.28Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 14: Arthropoda: Decapoda
13.pdf 441.8Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 13: Arthropoda: Isopoda
12.pdf 3.116Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 12: Arthropoda, Cirripedia: The Barnacles
11.pdf 730.2Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 11: Mollusca: The Smaller Groups Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda, and Cephalopoda
10.pdf 2.762Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 10: Mollusca: Bivalvia
9.pdf 42.16Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 9: Mollusca: Gastropoda
8.pdf 428.5Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 8: Echiura and Pogonophora: The Coelomate Worms
7.pdf 727.8Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 7: Sipuncula: The Peanut Worms
6.pdf 5.980Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 6: Polychaeta
5.pdf 350.7Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 5: Entoprocta
4.pdf 1.658Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 4: Nemertea: The Ribbon Worms
3.pdf 285.0Kb PDF View/Open Chapter 3: Platyhelminthes: The Flatworms with an Emphasis on Marine Turbellaria
2.pdf 1.687Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 2: Cnidaria (Coelenterata)
1.pdf 1.460Mb PDF View/Open Chapter 1: Porifera: The Sponges
intro.pdf 941.6Kb PDF View/Open Introduction and Table of Contents
Errata Chapter 9.pdf 119.5Kb PDF View/Open Errata for Chapter 9, by Jeff Goddard 2011

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