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    • My life 

      Hamble, Madge N.; Seume, Johann Gottfried, 1763-1810 (University of Oregon, 1911)
    • Negro housing in Portland 

      Bishop, Sue (University of Oregon, 1958)
    • Self-propelled motion of film boiling droplets on ratchet-like surfaces 

      Melling, Laura (University of Oregon, 2003-06)
      We have observed a novel phenomenon by which asymmetrically structured surfaces can be used to direct the motion of film boiling droplets without applying an external force to the system. Droplets placed on such a surface ...
    • The story of Sigurd 

      Wold, Clara Petra (University of Oregon, 1907)
      In the history of literature we find, again and again, old heroic stories such as the tales of the Siege of Troy or the legends of King Arthur or of Charlemagne, retold in different times and used to convey some truth to ...
    • Treasury Balances of Oregon and Interest Transactions of Indebtedness, Floating and Funded 

      Dill, William A. (University of Oregon, 1908-06)
      It is the purpose of this paper to trace the financial history of the state of Oregon only as it affects treasury balances. The paper will be confined strictly to the transactions of the treasury department, and the legal, ...