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    • Cobbler timber sale and fuels reduction project draft environmental assessment 

      Umatilla National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (2009-01)
      Proposes to harvest commercially approximately 2500 acres and exercise 60 acres of fuels treatment.
    • Jasper salvage timber sale decision memo 

      Walla Walla Ranger District (Wash.) (2007-07-20)
      Announces decision to implement project in response to 2006 fire. Includes removal of dead trees that represent a threat or danger to public safety, harvesting trees before decay and deterioration occur, securing revenue ...
    • Loon fuels reduction project environmental assessment 

      Walla Walla Ranger District (Wash.) (2007-02-19)
      Proposes to use fuel treatments in the Upper Grande Ronde Watersheds to reduce surface and aerial fuels on approximately 2,870 acres using various treatments including timber harvest and prescribed fire. Includes harvesting ...