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    • Believability Bias in Judging Memories for Abuse 

      Cromer, Lisa D.; Freyd, Jennifer J. (2004-11)
      Participants (N=337) were presented with four vignettes in which an adult confided to a friend about being sexually or physically abused at age 9 by either a stranger or father. The memory was presented as either continuous ...
    • Betrayal Trauma, Acculturation and Historical Grief Among Native Americans 

      Gray, Mary E.; Cromer, Lisa D.; Freyd, Jennifer J. (2005-11)
      Since European contact, Native Americans have experienced loss of life, land, and culture causing intergenerational trauma and unresolved grief (Yellow Horse Brave Heart & DeBruyn, 1998). Not surprisingly, identification ...
    • Between Impotence and Illusion : Adorno's Art of Theory and Practice 

      Lysaker, John T.; Sullivan, Michael (Telos Press Ltd., 1992)
    • Between Sacred and Secular: Abraham ibn Ezra and the Song of Songs 

      Wacks, David A. (Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, 2004)
    • Bibliography of Angela C. Y. Jung-Palandri 

      Palandri, Angela C. Y. Jung, 1926- (2008-04-04)
    • Biological Photocathodes 

      Griffith, O. H.; Habliston, D. L.; Birrell, G. B.; Skoczylaz, W. P.; Hedberg, K. K. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1989-03)
      Biological surfaces emit electrons when subjected to UV light. This emission is increased greatly after exposure to cesium vapor. Increases from 2 to 3 orders of magnitude are observed, depending on the biochemicals ...
    • The Birth of a New Dawn 

      Palandri, Angela C. Y. Jung, 1926- (2006)
    • A Boyfriend to Die For: Edward Cullen as Compensated Psychopath in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight 

      Merskin, Debra (Journal of Communication Inquiry, 2011-06-22)
      This article is an analysis of the teen-targeted vampire novel Twilight. The series and related merchandise have been a runaway financial success. Illustrative quotes from Twilight are presented according to Guggenbühl-Craig’s ...
    • Branding post-conflict destinations: recreating Montenegro after the disintegration of Yugoslavia 

      Ringer, Gregory D., 1951-; Vitic, Andriela (The Haworth Press, 2007)
      This paper examines the challenges and opportunities of promoting Montenegro as a destination for sustainable tourism in the post-civil war era of the former Yugoslavia, given the country’s unique status as the world’s ...
    • Brief Introduction to Educational Implications of Artificial Intelligence 

      Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 2006-04-24)
      This book is designed to help preservice and inservice teachers learn about some of the educational implications of current uses of Artificial Intelligence as an aid to solving problems and accomplishing tasks. Humans and ...
    • Brief Introduction to Roles of Computers in Problem Solving 

      Moursund, David G. (D. Moursund, 2004-12-13)
      This document provides a relatively short overview of a large and complex field—problem solving and roles of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in problem solving. The document has two main audiences and ...
    • Bring the Salmon Home! Karuk Challenges to Capitalist Incorporation 

      Norgaard, Kari M.; Hormel, Leontina M. (Sage Publications, 2009)
      With capitalism’s introduction, Karuk people have experienced radical declines in the productivity of Klamath River salmon fisheries, dire impoverishment, and a new order of threats in the form of hunger and diet related ...
    • Can Perpetual Learning Explain the Forward Premium Puzzle? 

      Chakraborty, Avik, 1975-; Evans, George W., 1949- (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2006-08-28)
      Under rational expectations and risk neutrality the linear projection of exchange rate change on the forward premium has a unit coefficient. However, empirical estimates of this coefficient are significantly less than ...

      Svenson, Ola; Slovic, Paul (Decision Research, 2002-02)
      Two studies investigated how free associations to decision alternatives could be used to describe decision processes. Choices between San Francisco and San Diego as a vacation city were investigated in the first study ...
    • Capital Controls: An Evaluation 

      Magud, Nicolas; Reinhart, Carmen M. (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2005-06-02)
      The literature on capital controls has (at least) four very serious apples-to-oranges problems: (i) There is no unified theoretical framework to analyze the macroeconomic consequences of controls; (ii) there is significant ...
    • Capital Controls: Myth and Reality, A Portfolio Balance Approach to Capital Controls 

      Magud, Nicolas; Reinhart, Carmen M.; Rogoff, Kenneth S. (University of Oregon, Dept of Economics, 2005-11)
      The literature on capital controls has (at least) four very serious apples-to-oranges problems: (i) There is no unified theoretical framework to analyze the macroeconomic consequences of controls; (ii) there is significant ...
    • The Carrot or the Stick: Rewards, Punishments, and Cooperation 

      Andreoni, James; Harbaugh, William; Vesterlund, Lise (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2002-08-20)
      We examine rewards and punishments in a simple proposer-responder game. The proposer first makes an offer to split a fixed-sized pie. According to the 2×2 design, the responder is or is not given a costly option of increasing ...
    • Cause and Effect Theories of Attention: The Role of Conceptual Metaphors 

      Johnson, Mark, 1949-; Fernandez-Duque, Diego, 1967- (American Psychological Association, 2002-06)
      In everyday discourse, as well as in science, concepts of attention are defined by metaphors. In scientific theories these metaphors determine what attention is and what count as adequate explanations of the phenomena. ...
    • The causes of preference reversal 

      Tversky, Amos; Slovic, Paul; Kahneman, Daniel (American Economic Association, 1990)
      Observed preference reversal (PR) cannot be adequately explained by violations of independence, the reduction axiom, or transitivity. The primary cause of PR is the failure of procedure invariance, especially the overpricing ...
    • CEO Turnover and Foreign Market Participation 

      Blonigen, Bruce A. (Bruce Aloysius); Wooster, Rossitza B. (Rossitza Bouneva), 1971- (University of Oregon, Dept. of Economics, 2003-03)
      Anecdotal evidence suggests that new CEOs with foreign backgrounds direct their firms to become more international in their operations. We examine this hypothesis formally using data on U.S. S&P-500 manufacturing firms ...